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I am a bit out of it right now… whats new right?

I made the wee one and Matt go to bed hours ago… if anything I can get them sleeping half way like normal people should.

So… I’ve done some tiny meditations… downloaded some music… yeah that pretty much is it.

Monday I need to get to the post office to mail Gina some things.

I need the power of the waxing moon right now heh… need some creativity! Instead of this introspective time… not to mention the fun time of my period heh, which explains the crappy tiredness, hungry, crampy self, just thought I had another day to go.

Well off to attempt some sleep.

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posted on May 8th 2004 at 9:15AM CDT

Sarah, I feel your pain… I’ve been dealing with that for 8 days now and frankly I’m damn sick of it! Female hormone shit… grrrrr

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posted on May 8th 2004 at 10:16PM CDT

Beware the menstral cycle… :o