Thursday Q&A {2}

September 9th 2010 / 1 minute to read

Catie at Tales of A Midwestern Housewife asks:
What are your top 3 favorite things to cook or eat, and why? (bonus points for recipes!)

Oh my ULTIMATE favorite would be Mexican / Tex Mex. I can only assume it comes from my living in Arizona for my formative years! During BOTH pregnancies it was all I craved. Keith indulged me by making fajitas practically every night in the first trimester with Tristan! One of my favorite recipes would be my Pumpkin Tortilla Soup!

Most of our go-to dinner’s are along that cuisine theme. For example last night we made Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls, (shot on my iPhone), so tasty!

We have taco night often and I even make a tasty Southwestern Pasta!

I also do a lot of Italian cooking, tonight I plan on doing a roasted garlic and butternut squash risotto, hopefully it comes out tasty!

So to sum it up, my top three favorite things to cook & eat would be Mexican / Tex-Mex / Italian cuisines!

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I LOVE texmex/mexican. Give me a burrito any day. lol Branden gets sick of how much I make spaghetti. I can’t help it that it’s quick and easy and super tasty. :)

Thanks for answering my question!

Reply to Catie

Thank you for asking! I think it’s because those cuisines, for me at least, are VERY quick to prepare.

Joni Rae

YUM! I miss fajitas and tacos. I could eat them without sour cream and cheese but what is the point??? LMAO!

Reply to Joni Rae

LOL! I don’t think I could go without cheese but sourcream I don’t use much in my mexican food as I prefer avocado/guacamole lol!

dysfunctional mom

We love Mexican too, and I totally stole the Southwestern Pasta recipe. It sounds great!

Reply to dysfunctional mom

LOL thank you! It is seriously nummy!

Hi there! I was just checking out yesterday’s post and realized you’ve changed your blog up a bit for Fall. I totally love it. :) So pretty!

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