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It is just about 6:30a I am about to go to bed. It’s been a long confusing day heh. Plus, Mary was forcing (yes FORCING me kit-tan!) to download Cat Steven’s music, she was also comparing me to this hyper/perky 12 year old that was on Oprah tonight (Oprah re-decorated the girl’s bedroom). I worry what I will do once I am able to move, we talk literally all day and all night on the phone. Our phone batteries die at least 3 times each if not more every 24 hours. It’s sickening isn’t it haha. I love my Marykins… oh stop me someone I am rambling!

I wouldn’t mind some more questions! Also Wisdom wouldn’t mind a few more active members. I am currently looking for hostees.

I am wanting a new project for OSN… just not sure what yet, any suggestions? Any suggestions for OSN in general?

I need to finish more work on my and Shadow’s project. I’ve just been so brain dead lately.

Oh and those popping by for the commenting spree which is all mighty good, please don’t just do random “cool layout” comments, I would adore you and love you forever if you actually read my entries and make a wee comment actually pertaining to the entry!

Ok gonna pass out for a few hours before chubs decides waking momma up is a blast by smacking my stomach and giggling hysterically, or even worse, wow momma has long hair! Fun to pull and rip out! Good times for all involved!

posted on August 6th 2003 at 10:24AM CDT

I’ll think on the OSN project (thinking you wont have time for all this once you begin working) and am headed to Wisdom just as soon as I am done here. 

Sounds like you’re feeling mighty perky and this is a good thing!

posted on August 6th 2003 at 10:36AM CDT

O WOW..i’m just in love with your LAYOUT…it fits your name EVERYTHING!!! hmmm..sooo beautiful

posted on August 6th 2003 at 10:57AM CDT

I used to watch Oprah, lol. It was interesting. But now I dont know what channels its on and what time it comes on..

posted on August 6th 2003 at 12:34PM CDT

i feel loved! i love you too sarah! i feel the need to meow and purr! bamber leaps and i meow and purr. on some occasions i might hiss. but, mostly i meow and purr.

posted on August 6th 2003 at 1:47PM CDT

Rofl I saw OPRAH the little girl was funky lol I want OPRAH to deccorate my room but nooooo. Never herd of Cat Steven but you know thats ok.

posted on August 6th 2003 at 3:25PM CDT

YOU HAVE A GREAT LAYOUT! HAHAHA! *crackles* Just kidding.

Anyway, I haven’t watched Opera in ages, but she decorated a house? o_O. Strangeness, I want mah room to be redecorated! XD

posted on August 7th 2003 at 3:07AM CDT

yea, i don’t like it wen people just comment on ‘cool layout’ n such.. i guess they just comment like that to get their plug.. and btw, i do like this layout.. its coo..

posted on August 7th 2003 at 3:32AM CDT

Hey. Nice layout!