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Last night my son had a sudden fever. 101.8 was as high as it got. My sister fought with me because I couldn’t find my thermometer and she refused to let me use hers until she was falling asleep. I had no way of going the 5 miles to a store to get any fever reducing medicine. I was told that I must have DONE something to him to cause him to have a fever.

Anyways, I did all I could which was grapes and breastmilk heh, and he nursed literally all through the night, but his fever broke early this morning thankfully. I still don’t know what caused it. Keli suggested maybe teething but I’ve not felt any new teeth and he isn’t acting like how he normally does with teething.

So that was my exciting night.

I would like to thank Sarah for this page, Angela, and Chrissy, for writing about my situation.

I am choosing to not respond to that rude persons comment below. I am just really sorry that person has such a low self esteem to come down on others who happen to be in a bad situation. Karma.

posted on June 26th 2003 at 2:30PM CDT

im sorry sarah, but i dont have paypal, and my parents don’t allow me to send money! i really hope that things end up for the best for you because you seem like an awesome person! I feel so helpless not being able to help you, but ill try and get people to come and donate. That’s about all i can do!

Angel Whispers
posted on June 26th 2003 at 7:30PM CDT

Awwww, I hope little chublet is feeling better.  poor sweetie.

posted on June 26th 2003 at 7:31PM CDT

well that’s pretty fucked up.
kids get sick sometimes.
not your fault.
im sure if you could’ve prevented it, you would’ve.
but it happens…

you must be wiped out though…

and yeah, dont listen to that dumbdilinger down there. who does she think she is? jackass…

posted on June 27th 2003 at 12:25AM CDT

*hugs to both you and Chubs* I hope he’s feeling better now. I’m glad his fever has lowered. Dua Netjer for that.

Sarah, I hope you know that the person that left that rude comment wasn’t me. She may have the same name, but I’d *never* say something like that. Ever. I have way too much respect for you. :-)

posted on June 27th 2003 at 12:29AM CDT

Awww poor litte guy :(. i’m glad his fever finally broke though!