April 22nd 2003 / 1 minute to read

Only now will I go to bed. Heh, I have 1510 mp3s. Supposedly my sister will take me to the library tomorrow since I burned a cd for her. I am so freaking tired. Almost 4am heh. Darn Kristin for making me hunt down Dave Matthews & Tim Reynold songs. I can’t deny the goodness though hahah. Okay, gonna try to sleep now, hoping I will have good dreams of a happier future heh. Oh, I earned $10 for typing a paper for my brother. Not doing the paper haha, just merely typing the darn thing. He also found and gave me an old Rainbow Brite doll! How neat is that! I got $5 from my father for easter, so aren’t I rich with my $15. Okay, seriously now, gonna try to sleep.

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I am so completely innocent. You were lured by the yumminess of the music, it was just too good to ignore. That must be it. ; )

…by the way I have tons of D+T, if you want any, just lemme know. Mwahaha.

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