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Daniel went to sleep at a decent time but got woken up around 1 or 2 something in the morning and did not go back to sleep until 6am. Then it took me a good 45 min of just laying there attempting to sleep. Ugh.

I am just… not doing so good today. Don’t know why. I am stressed of how to afford a new car seat for Daniel since he doesn’t even fit into his current one anymore, of when someone will take me to get my IL DL, and then getting my car fixed since Matt ran it into the ground. I just want this stress to go away!

Daniel is perky as can be though, standing next to my plastic drawer thingy, opening the drawers, and tossing all my papers out… fun times. Ah well if it amuses him whats a little mess? My sister took my comforter because she and her girlfriend are going to a laundry mat so yay clean blanket!

I am hungry but there isn’t much in the way of food here. All I had yesterday was salsa and chips. All day. Not healthy I know to eat only that.

Just blah today. I need something perky to happen, I really do.

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