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Ugh, I could be sleeping next to my warm snuggly baby right now, but instead, fighting to stay awake until 11pm or so, because my sister said she would keep an eye on the chublet when she gets home, around 9pm, so I can wash diapers (which takes 2 hours, two washes 1 dry) and get a shower. Then chubs will wake up in his sweet perky manner around 5am. Ugh. Tired. Want to sleep. If I sleep now, I won’t wake up to wash diapers.

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posted on March 4th 2003 at 3:36PM CST

I haven’t been to your site in ages, but I’ve heard that you’re going through a really hard time.

Please PLEASE feel free to email me. I have friends who are single mothers and I have heard what they had to go through, but they’ve turned out better off…and although that may not be an option that you want to think about now, maybe it would be in your best interest to just know that women are the strongest ppl on earth, and though things may seem hopeless, we shall overcome, find a way, and carry on.