No matter how much sleep I get I am always tired….I am starting to get sick of being tired….last night I asked Crys why people would ever want to TAPE a persons excution?? I was watching the news and I guess they are going to tape Timothy McVey’s death. I don’t feel anyone should die. If someone did a truely evil crime they should be tortured for at LEAST 10-20 years, not be given the easy way out.
I have finally figured out why I am so uncomfy living here, well in this house, besides the flith and freak weird crap, but because matts freaky uncle SPIES on us. Our door doesn’t have a knob nor does it shut all the way so we put a heavy basket against it. Well his uncle will attempt to push against the door and he will just STARE through the small opening of the door and just WATCH us I mean what does he think that he will catch us smoking a ghetto crack pipe and having animal love or something?? I still tell matt he needs to take control the damn house is in HIS name! Thats just a huge thing with me, matt is smart and he could really fix the place up but he wasn’t raised to have ANY kind of expectations or respect for himself.
Tonight is new Charmed n Gilmore Girls so at least 2 hours of my day will be taken up woohoo!