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I am just sitting here, a bit cold so I should shut the window **Ok Shut!!** I put the new Witches Weekly questions up yesterday and it seems that it is getting more popular thankfully, even though oddly enough so many people are doing them so few link back!

I managed to clean my bedroom up and Matt did laundry so yay for getting that stuff done.

I did some work for Pick-Me yesterday as well which was great, always need web work!

I am very tired, I might actually go to bed before 9am… a rarity for me as I well.. rarely sleep. Too stressed out. Too depressed. Of course some of you know what I am talking about. I am just super… done… with all of the drama, the gossiping, the bitching.


From what the news said earlier, the flooding has finally gone down, the Des Plaines river was having a good ol’ time flooding some streets but everything seems to be going back to normal, as long as it doesn’t hard core rain in the next week or so.

Grr I can’t think properly right now so I am going to read one of my books and attempt to sleep.

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posted on May 30th 2004 at 7:27PM CDT

Oh crap.  Now that you mention cleaning your room… I forgot to clean mine!  EEP.