November 26th 2003 / 1 minute to read

Wow, today was busy at work, I hear it just gets worse lol.

I guess I am listed to bring in plastic cups and some sort of muffin on Friday for work. heh, I guess there was some sort of discussion among managers about the ahem hickey I had last weekend. Crying out loud… I got laid (many times yeah baby I am a frisky one!) get over it!

Ugh I am hungry since I didn’t eat dinner… but nothing sounds good… I have stuff for something mexican but what? BUT WHAT? I am dramatic yes. So chubs is dragging me out of the room so I shall do something that salsa!

I am like freakin catnip ehhehe

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I am so glad that I am not working yet. People, like managers, always seem to get into your business and erm, speculate things when you show up with hickeys lol.

I just ate Ramen noodles…does that sound good to eat? Mmm mexican stuff….just go with plain ol’ tacos with lots of sour cream :)

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heyz i’m lurvving the layout!!! got ur link from pearlicia btw..

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They’re right, it does only get worse! So today have a happy Thanksgiving and relax!

Oh yeah baby, frisky is good! Purrrr.

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Gorgeous layout and nice site, frisky is definitely good, lol!

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