It’s really lovely outside today. When I get home I am going to take Daniel on a long walk (he will ride his bike). I also need help figuring out dinner. So… HELP haha.

I also got asked out heh, go figure! This cute (but short and we all know I only go for tall guys since I’m tall and um yeah) guy stopped in reguarding metal something or other and I explained we don’t do retail blah blah and was showing him something outside when out of nowhere, “you have beautiful eyes” so I agreed, yes I have beautiful eyes thank you. I run in to grab a business card and he says, “it would be a shame if you had a boyfriend” and I’m thinking yeah it would be a REAL SHAME and I said, “well I don’t but um ok here’s the card” and then it happens. “Would you like to maybe go out sometime?” I just couldn’t help but think, what in the world is going on this week! I must be emitting I NEED SEX vibes or something. So I am nice “no thank you” and he goes “well I thought I would ask” so I am all BYE BYE NOW.

So yeah.

Onto other news. Everyone must go Imagine and if anything view the video. I was trying so hard not to cry hysterically watching that.

I realised. I love Ikea. Ikea loves me. I shall spend a lot of money at Ikea the next few months. (Why yes I have come up with a money plan that includes massive Ikea goodness between now and January)

Mmmm crisp bottled purified water. How I like thee just enough even though you do not have bubbles.

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posted on October 19th 2005 at 6:32PM CST

I like filtered water more than bottled water.  I think it’s because I don’t trust those crazy companies with purifying my water.

posted on October 19th 2005 at 4:55PM CST

I got lost in Ikea once… They have maps and I still got lost! In a shop! Hehe.

posted on October 19th 2005 at 8:40PM CST

i love the imaginegoodness. i’m so, glad you liked it sarahbanana.

posted on October 20th 2005 at 9:25AM CST

hehe, poor guy :B

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