June 5th 2007 / 2 minutes to read

I really couldn’t have predicted when I woke up this morning, that by the end of the day, I would be missing a tooth.

The past three days I have been in agony. At first I thought it was merely a sensitive tooth, but then the pain was so intense, even when I was practically gargling with Orajel max strength liquid, I got no relief. I slept maybe 4 hours in the past two days. By 10:30a this morning, I was in tears. I called my sister and we got me into a dentist (in the same building that her dentist is in) by 11am. I left work, got to the dentist, and was seen within 10 minutes. Right away the dentist found the problem. My upper left tooth, #15 to be precise, right next to my wisdom tooth, well… part of it was… missing! How I never felt ANY pain before the past three days…. anyway, he gave me two options, have a root canal or have the tooth pulled. I chose to have the tooth pulled, I didn’t see any point in keeping it especially since it’s not a tooth you can see if I smile or laugh anyway.

So next door we go, within 10 minutes I’m in a chair getting Novocaine shots. My sister and I chat for 15 minutes… but the Novocaine was only 75% working so they gave me another round… they were just about to hook me up to the IV to knock me out when thankfully the second round of Novocaine shots kicked in. He then proceeded to try and get the tooth out, apparently, my tooth was stubborn, but eventually he got it out in one piece. I asked to keep it of course! After that my sister and I went to the store to fill my 3 prescriptions, even without my having health insurance, total it was $14.00 for an antibiotic, vicodin, and motrin. I then went back to work and had an interesting yet painful time in answering the phone.

Cost wise, it was just about $400 and my sister paid it all. I am so grateful otherwise who knows how long I would have suffered.

By all means share with me your dentist stories and any hints and tips on how to deal with my freshly removed tooth!


Oh right…. new design too lol.

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james r.

It hurts just looking at it… :/

Glad you’re feeling better, though. And I like the new design. Very summery.  :)

Reply to james r.

Thank you so much! I wonder if it will hurt more tomorrow *ponders* At any rate, it had to be done right!


I like the layout and the colors and the tabs. But, dude that tooth. That’s just crazy. I’m glad you got it taken care of so, quickly.

Reply to Kat

Just looking at that tooth makes me twitch!  I’m glad you were able to have it taken care of so quickly… mouth pain/tooth aches are right up there on the list of things that make me a complete wimp.

Reply to Candace

the “missing” part is an understatement. Goodness me, i can imagine how that would be hurting so much!

I had to have a tooth removed once – it was still a baby tooth but it was terribly infected and still hadnt fallen out when i was 15. They gave me five novocaine injections, none of which worked .. until after they got the tooth out.

I felt it the entire time they removed it. Very painful

Loving the new layout :)

Reply to Sarah

@Kat, I know right? I still can’t get over that I didn’t feel any pain sooner!

@Candace, really I have to give my sister most of the credit, if it wasn’t for her pushing me while I was hysterical and for the awesome dentists, I would be sobbing on the floor with no sleep still.

@Mari, I’ve been rinsing my mouth with cool (not cold) water after I eat and trying not to eat anything that would be little like seeds. I’m trying to make an effort not to poke the area with my tongue lol.

@Maevyn, I am very pleased with the dentist I went to, they got me in fast, EVERYONE was nice, and they even did a follow up phone call today to see how I was feeling! They did not give me anything to hose the area out, just told me to rinse my mouth gently after eating.

@Alicia, thank you so much! Oh yes, he was scared it would crack, thankfully it didn’t!

@Sarah, I just don’t get how it wasn’t hurting sooner! Oh ugh I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to feel the pain aspect of the tooth being removed! Oh and thank you, I wanted brighter colors lol.


Oooch, dentistry makes me cringe.  But luckily you got the tooth out, so hopefully that means an end to pain as soon as its healed.  I had my wisdom teeth out, but that wasn’t bad at all, I didn’t even end up taking the drugs they prescribed me, and was back to eating whatever after a few days (a few days of ice cream, that is, yum yum—any excuse!)  As for what to do with your tooth, hmmm.  You could make a slightly unpleasant necklace reminiscent of shark-tooth and gator-tooth necklaces.  Or put it under your pillow and wait for a visit from the tooth fairy!

Reply to Aenka

I love the new design!  In other news, I’m still trying to qualify for medical insurance in order to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled and no oral surgeon will see me without medical insurance. So needless to say, I am in agony quite often. I dedicated several posts on my site to my wisdom tooth/ear infection (because of wisdom teeth) agony.

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