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April 25th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

Anyone want to toss money my way for a treadmill? Heh, didn’t think so, although by all means if you want to give me one I won’t say no hhaha

I just have no idea what to do aside from these asinine workout videos. It’s hard to find the time well at least more than 15 min, of “free” time to pop in a video and do it for 40 minutes.

I just feel like I make this effort for no reason. I can’t tell if I am making any sort of progress, I don’t own a scale, haven’t been on a scale since my 6-week postpartum visit and I don’t even remember how much I weighed then.

I just am starting to really get down on myself for being so heavy. My family is not supportive of me losing weight. I rarely if ever leave the apartment because I don’t know the area, plus where am I supposed to go? Carrying a 25lb child none the less.

I dislike being so negative about every little aspect in my life. I just am feeling overwhelming fustrated at my weight. I try to drink water but damn is it hard, it is just so… watery and all I can think about, when I drink water, is all the times I tossed it back up during my pregnancy, which doesn’t help much haha.

Just ugh, slap me upside my head and smack some goodness and light into me hahaha

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Beautiful, my fav by far I love it.

Reply to Jessica

The layout I meant.  lol

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Well, carrying a 25 pound child around the block would be a good workout… if your arms could stand it. ;-)

Reply to Jill

Sarah,  Jill is right even getting out and walking with Daniel up and down a block to start is a good thing.  My doctor once told me for heart health you have to do cardio for 30 minutes but for weight loss you just have to GET MOVING.  Any effort you make will help in the long run and the more you move the easier for you to keep moving.  It’s all about baby steps.  I was once told it takes you 2 months to put on the weight 20 to lose it.  Sounds daunting but worth it eh.

Reply to Barb

no worries! dont be frustrated! atleast you are putting an effort into it!! and as long as you exercise you WILL lose weight.. especially if your body isnt use to it.. it goes “wow! what is going on! we’ve never moved like this” here is how I look at it.. when i stated losing weight.. i went.. “hey im 255lbs. A year from now i can weight less, the same, or more” and i chose less! even if it was 5lbs less.. it was still 5lbs less then when i stated! and if you dont have a scale just start judging by how your clothes start to fit.. and personally i exercise because it makes me FEEL good.. it makes my body work better in general.. so judge your progress by how to start to FEEL! and jill is right! you could just take daniel in your arms and carry him back and forth down the street for 10 minutes or so! i’m sure he would love it! and your arms would be tired by the time it was over.. toning + cardio = good combination!!

Reply to Morgan

Do you not have a stroller? I know how kids can be on your back. You could always load him up in the stroller and walk til you figure out the area. Or find out if there are any parks. Daniel will love it, the outside-ness will cheer you up, and chasing him around on swings and slides will be quite a lot of exercise!

Reply to Amie

If you could find one of those consignment shops that might have one of those baby backpacks for cheap in there, you could throw daniel in that and walk…now THAT is a workout, lemme tell you, I used to do it all the time, but its a LOT easier to have them on your back than in your arms. Hehehe. I would send you the backpack I had, but I had to leave it when I left my ex…*sigh*
As far as losing weight, I have no suggestions…I am as big as a dang house lately….LMAO…but good luck with it! *(*(*hugs*)*)* Here is some love for you. I love you for your honesty and openness, your integrity, your kindness and loving heart, and for just being you.

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