Tree: 1 – Backyard: 0

July 11th 2011 / 1 minute to read

I was originally going to post about my weight loss efforts or perhaps some lovely sunset / sky photos… instead I’m posting about the MASSIVE TREE that came down in our yard from our neighbors!

I am SO upset about this, it pretty much takes up our entire backyard and I’m not even sure if they are aware of the situation! My husband is going to stop over after he gets home from work to inform them as I believe they just rent the house and need to take it up with their landlord before I completely freak out.

Our house is on the left, neighbor house on the right

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OMG! that is a massive tree!!! I’m so glad no one was hurt! Hopefully, cleanup will be quick and easy.

It really is huge! It LOOKS like it barely missed the house but I can’t really tell without getting the ladder (which is trapped in the garage somewhere heh).


That’s ridiculous. You’ve every right to be upset. Every time it happens it could damage your house and at the least is a inconvenience. Hope it gets cleared up quickly.

Reply to Keeshia

I hope so! I don’t anticipate any problems but still, I don’t know anything about the landlord or how SOON it’ll be taken care of.


If you are so stressed out about it, why wait?! Just go over there and tell them so they know and it can get taken care of faster!

Reply to Anna

They aren’t home lol! When I went to take photos I went to go look. Generally they are home after 8 or so.


Ahhh! If it is a rental you should get the number of the landlord. We have a rental on one side of us and the landlord gave us his number so if anything like this happened, we could get ahold of him directly.

Reply to Anna

Keith might know the landlord I’m not sure? His father built our house and he’s lived here for… 28 years!

That is a really good idea about getting the landlord’s number though, I will have him get that tonight too.

HOLY SMOKES!! I was wondering how on earth they could not know but then I saw that it’s actually broken away from their house…I supposed they may not know if they don’t go outside. I hope that nothing was broken back there!

Hearing a tree break and fall is the WORST sound.

I’m hoping DH comes home while it’s still light out so he can go on the roof and see if there is any damage.


oh wow that sucks. did they come and take it away yet?

Reply to Jenny

Nope! Husband didn’t get home until late last night so didn’t get a chance to go over there, however he will try again this evening.

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