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I have a super bad cold.

Anyone want to tell me how to handle a long distance relationship?

I need to distract myself from all the bad stuff going on lately… web work please!

Grr… maybe I will take chubs in the stroller tomorrow to the feista market for some tea… I don’t feel good enough to go to the major grocery store.

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posted on July 15th 2003 at 1:49PM CDT

Lots of patience, trust (if possible), and phonecalls.  Jeff and I used to have major telephone bills, but then we both registered our long distance with AT&T which has a $20/month unlimited long distance plan as long as who you are calling is using AT&T.  So now we talk as long as we want for only $20 a month.  Don’t know if that will help you at all, probably not because of your dad :(

Play online games together too, maybe.  It’ll allow you to do something together when you can’t always be together.  is good fun (actually, you could play with me too :))

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