Totally stupid on one of the pregnancy message boards on AOL that I am on, this person posted how she was currently having a miscarriage and then started describing how she was expelling tissue and fetal matter etc ect well I responded saying I did not find that post to be appropriate for the PREGNANCY jan 2002 board since theres plenty of miscarriage boards out there, well only one person sided with me and the others found me evil and cruel heh the title of the post was misleading saying “hello to all the pregnant women…” well if I had known it was a graphic post about a miscarriage I could have avoided it I had assumed it was someone posting as a newbie to the board or just as hello…then people from other pregnancy boards have decided to get involved, i just feel if people had a problem with my post they should have ignored it, ive posted 2 times about it and yet the single thread has over 44 posts and this just started like yesterday! and already people have started new threads saying if i ever had a m/c i would not have acted like that…oh really? is that a fact? I am just more considerate to NOT post details about a m/c so newly young pregnant women, like myself, are not scared to death of every little twinge. Also in a posted directed towards me, it was stated if I could not handle “hearing” about a m/c then I should shelter myself from the world, I’m sorry but I have seen more, and lived more than most of those people on that particular board i have SEEN evil acts I have been through abuse as a child I have had friends killed or beaten for no apparent reason, i could list forever but well thats the end of my vent as im still trying to finish my grapes….