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I think I am going to head to a nervous breakdown AOL is being AOLHELL and I can’t seem to get the online world to love me oh and the topper matts *ahem hack cough* “friend” is coming up to “visit” with his woman and child…its like um hello you ignore my fiance for MONTHS and only want back in his life when you have nothing better to do? I mean I sure as hell wouldn’t put up with that from my friends!! I dunno why I am still awake when I should have passed out a long time ago but I seem to be twitchy I guess I am still like oh wow visit twin soon its just an odd feeling….I wish I could make myself relax but its kinda hard when I feel like I need to get stuff done but I don’t know where to start! I am fustrated because my Karma and comments thingys aren’t working and I posted on the board but so far no dice…..Not sure*why* its not working since everything was uploaded and chmod’d perfectly but ehh damn web!!! *curses* I hope that at least the forum works okay and that its USED! I would really enjoy getting to know other people with sites semi like this one I mean I can only handle talking about Palace crap for so long…too many lazy people with petty wars on their minds….ehhhh I will probably be a person who posts WAY too much to have people keep up….actually not sure WHO would read this except maybe enimies? I SOOO didn’t spell that correctly! okey well I guess I will try to sleep (sureeeeeeee)

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