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This cold is getting worse. Daniel is coming down with it but at a lesser level. Yay for breastmilk!

Ummm nothing else because I have a headache along with the cold, I got very little restful sleep.

Matt let me cut his hair though, so that was fun. Cutting hair…. sastisfying!

If I was more uhhh not cracked out, I would respond to emails but alas I am feeling crappy.

Anyone wanna bring me soup… cheese… pizza… pizza soup… mmmm I bet that would be GOOD!

My head is hurting so bad though, and its like a lot of it in my neck and a lot of it is centralized on the right side of the neck. I have No idea why this is happening and I am so tired of these migraines. I am in a lot of pain.

posted on August 2nd 2004 at 6:25PM CDT

pizza soup? i think that cold might be sitting in your head.

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