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Convo as follows:

Me: What is your work order number?
Her: Look it up on your computer
Me: Well, actually, everything is done via paper…
Her: Well that isn’t a good system
Me: It’s what’s worked for 25 yrs now
Her: With the money you all charge, you should be able to afford a computer system *heavy sigh*
Me: Uhhh…

Seriously why do people make comments like that? By all means I want a computer system, hell there is only one computer in the entire office and that is for writing up proposals and typing in invoice numbers.

Just… geez.

Plus I had a call as follows:

Me: Blah blah greeting
Man: Hi, did you lose a brown dog?
Me: *thinking this is some weird porn call* This is a place of business.
Man: Ohhh ok cause I saw a dog and it’s tag…
Me: Sir, I think you dialed the wrong number as this is a place of business.
Man: Oh… you’re right *click*

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posted on December 31st 2004 at 3:45PM CST

Oh my! The stupidity of some people…