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Yesterday afternoon my sister dropped off her car for me to use, so after work I went home to grab my son and tripod and treked over to the forest preserve. No sooner than did my single foot touch the ground did an officer drive through the parking area, lights blazing, and saying over the loud speaker, “The forest preserve is now closed!” so then we went to a library, where I checked out 17 books heh, and I drove around getting lost a lot. We rented some movies, Shrek for him and Wedding Crashers for me. For dinner we had fast food since I didn’t get us home until 8pm.

I most likely can use my sister’s car tomorrow, which depending on the weather forecast, I might do so I can go back to that forest preserve.

posted on January 4th 2006 at 1:13PM CST

Aww, that’s too bad you didn’t get a change to take some pictures.

Seventeen books?! Wow, I think our library has a limit of… 5… I think.

I haven’t seen the Wedding Crashers, still! I’m dying too. We just never have a change to rent it, well, that and we always forget. :P

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