June 17th 2003 / 1 minute to read

$540 right now!! I got a job for $50.00 so by the end of the week I should have $600.00 for sure!!! I can’t believe the generosity of people!!! I am keeping a note of everyone who is helping me out, whether its them plugging me to help, plugging the layouts I am selling, donating to me, all of it! I love everyone so much for helping me!! I would type more but Daniel is attacking the floor and throwing stationary all over and laughing…. he is a toddler for sure hahaha

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Not listening to anything at the moment.


good luck with everything, its times like this i wish i had a credit card…im thinking bout you though…hope things improve

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OMG u made that much money your lucky i wished i mad 25 dollars for a cam :( i need one so bad but only gotten 4.20 donated your so lucky…im so stressed out sry buh bye like the new layout….

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