June 29th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Long time no real blogging going on and this one probably will not be long since I am leaking all over so I should go feed chublet, who Matt is playing with at the moment.
Hmmm let’s see, Pagan @ OSN and Pagan Voice are doing well which I am happy about. Acquire has been quiet, Reviews have been decent. New people at Wisdom although some have registered and not posted, but ehh if in a week from their registration date they have yet to post, they will simply be deleted.
I am surprised not a single person commented to me about the new skins at OneStarryNight or here at Musings.
Heck I am surprised no one seems to be commenting anywhere. Where IS everyone?
Yesterday we got a few groceries and we went to the Purple Cauldron and I got some candles, oils, herbs, 3 crystals, a book on Pagan Parenting, and a Tarot Deck. The day before we went to a used book store and I got a nice herbal book, and we also went to a book store, *kinda like the one in VF Factory, remember Ali?*, that was going out of buisness so I got a ton of books there.
I am getting excited about visiting my family in a week or so. From the 10th-15th but I will check my email and blog every so often. Ali and Jessica plan to take us all over the place, and Ali is gonna spend money on me, oh yes, she is my pimptress. I am her hoe. It all works for us.
We also went strawberry picking a few days ago, I froze most of them by washing and hulling them and putting them on a cookie sheet which I placed in a freezer until they froze, then put the berries into a baggie. So this winter I can have a bit of nummy sunshine goodness!
Hmmm, I think that is it for now, show me love hahahaha.

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