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I haven’t posted in forever mostly because I was putting myself on ‘bedrest’ in an attempt to control my morning sickness which is made worse by this heat….anyways its slightly better but not too much im probably going to combine this blog and my pregnancy one and attempt to work on sscom, I am thinking of taking down the review section, just try to do something in the meantime! I am going to probably get rid of the food graphics on this blog yet keep the “red” theme in keeping tune with the red hot heat of summer heh currently I am watching ER….feeling those evil stretching pains….my uterus is right under my belly button now! and i am totally showing now….i just know this kid will be huge *hoping for less than 9 pounds* okey well off to graphics or whatever depending since i feel kinda sick….i swear people if you get pregnant make SURE you have air conditioning!!