Another update finally from me! I am coming down with a wicked cold of some sort *tear* and I think I am working seven days this week ick.

I was happy to talk to my three bestest friends tonight, Mary, Nicki, and Amber. Matt had called but I ahem clumsy self, totally slipped and fell in the hallway to grab my phone so my left shoulder is all messed up and tons of pain. Good times!

Hmm, nothing else is going on, aside from the constant yelling, swearing, verbal violence that my family shares with my son and myself. Tonight my father called my son “nasty” because my son didn’t pick up the food my father spilled onto the floor and called me psycho because I told him to never talk to my son that way.

I don’t know yet how much I will get on my tax return, I can only hope it is enough to move. I know I won’t have nearly enough to move back to Arizona although that is what I do want… to get as far away from here as possible. Just to have any money to be able to move is what is most important, which is why I am working so much and taking up any extra shifts and hours.

My cell phone is back on so if anyone needs that phone number or screen name, let me know. PLEASE if you have the screen name, don’t IM me all crazy like, it sucks up my wireless time, you can also email me, that’s right, my cell phone has it’s own email address lol.

Well I am going to try to sleep so I have some rest before work tomorrow, I am thinking of bringing in a tea bag to work because my throat is starting that ultra painful um pain heh. Drinking milk is like drinking shards of glass. Yay for ice water though!

I miss everyone so very much and I finally bought stamps so some of you special folk are getting real mail from me! If you are perhaps someone who moved or are staying somewhere else right now, like a hostee lol, email me your current address!

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