April 15th 2004 / 1 minute to read

I accepted a new hostee who should hopefully be moved in soon. I also updated Imagination so check that out. Make sure to stop by and enjoy PaganOSN… do the new WW questions… uhhh yeah just having a really blah day and with Mercury in Retrograde…. well its really kicking in here, my dad’s phone line went dead for no reason, my sister and I had computer problems… just grrr on it.

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Hot Mess
Car Insurance
Playing Catch-Up
I Redesigned, Again
I Miss Site Skinning
Blogging 4-ever
Freebie Library
Night Agent
Link CSS Changes
Spring Equinox
Small OSN Refreshes
Another Good Show
OSN Changes
New Favorite Show




Those flowers are absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking!

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mercury in retrograde?….didnt have a clue; no problems in my realm.  but, then, if magic is based on intent, perhaps so is misfortune…..

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