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I don’t like asking this but Mary (who also has a new layout I did for her!) thought maybe it was a good idea.

I wondered if anyone has any exercise videos they don’t want anymore and wouldn’t mind sending to me. I can’t seem to find anyone to watch chubs long enough for me to use the workout room here so I would like to at least do some videos since I have a tv and vcr in my room. It would be very much appreciated! So contact me if you are willing to do this. I can make you a layout, or help you with your site, or something to deserve it.

Also, I want to thank everyone who offered to send Daniel some clothes, he desperately needs them, he has maybe 5 outfits he actually fits into right now, so anyone wanting to get rid of their 12 month+ clothes, please send them my way! (Keep in mind it does not have to be “new” clothes, used good condition clothes rock!)

posted on March 20th 2003 at 7:21AM CST

sarah, i wish i had something t send you.  i’d go out and buy you a video if i had the money, and some new clothes for you and for chubs.  but i don’t, and i’m not even very good at saying the right thing to make people feel better.  but i want you to know that we’re thinking about you every day, and praying for you.  things will get better.

posted on March 20th 2003 at 12:40PM CST

I also wish I could buy you something, but for now I’ll send you my love. It sounds like you feel a bit better, let’s hope that’s true. I keep missing the AIM chats, I’d like to join in but we’re in different timezones.

posted on March 20th 2003 at 7:29PM CST

I am going to have to go through David’s clothes. He is in a 12-18 months also right now so I am not sure what I would have to give you, how much does Daniel weigh about? David weighs right at 20lbs……I will check his closet!! {{{hugs}}}

posted on March 20th 2003 at 9:52PM CST

Your local library might also have some videos that you could look at. Maybe they have a card catalogue online. Just a suggestion. :)

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