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I voted after work, for Kerry of course.

Here is some awesome, fantastic, amazing yarn from my lovely friend! You can purchase some from her website, Pippi Knee Socks (ebay store) She even included the blue DPN’s! (double pointed needles)


The silky MJ got me 2 months of a paid LiveJournal account for my LJ!! How lovely I know!

I am just so exhausted, I didn’t sleep well last night and was totally cracked out feeling at work. Hopefully I will get some decent sleep tonight.

Oh, I did renew OSN so that will be going on four years soon enough lol. I am sure everyone that pops over to Pagan at OSN appreciates it!

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posted on November 4th 2004 at 6:05AM CST

I’ve always wanted to be able to get really into knitting in a big way because I think it would be very therapeutic for me when I get so stressed.  Maybe this is a good excuse for me to start?!?!