Watching the Snow

December 17th 2011 / 1 minute to read

Just a few quick snowflake shots and a few shots of the little one watching the snow, thought I’d do some black and white photos for a change!

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Lovely snowflakes! By the way, when in the world did Tristan get so big? :( He’s growing so fast!

Thank you! Oh I know, it’s crazy how time flies isn’t it!


I’m digging the B&W!

Reply to Jill

Thank you!


The first two are gorgeous, and your little boys are beautiful too of course. I have a soft spot for lanterns (of any sort!) and really love the look of snow. Perfect! As always your eye for nature encapsulates the season exactly as I feel it. <3 Thank you!

Reply to Audrey

Thank you so much!!!

You make the snow look pretty. BUT I’M STILL NOT FALLING FOR IT. For it is EVIL, I tell ya. EVIL.

LOL I couldn’t agree more! I absolutely hate driving in it, freaks me out the whole season.


Black and white works so well with snow. These are beautiful photos. Also, what a little cutie! :D

Reply to Caity

Thank you so much!


Love the b&w photos! Especially the first one! Looks like a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia! ♥ Happy holidays, Sarah!!! ♥ ;)

Reply to arvee

Aww thank you!!


beautiful photos. especially love the first one :D

we didn’t get snow this year and I doubt we will.

Reply to Jenny

Thank you! That was the only snow so far and it didn’t even last the whole day lol.


wow so pretty, we didn’t get any snow this year :(

Reply to Damita

So far that’s been the ONLY snow we’ve gotten and it didn’t even last a day!


What sweet curls! My little guy has blonde curls as well!

Reply to Jen

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