November 13th 2011 / 1 minute to read

Just a quick post! Since re-starting MyFitnessPal a week and a half ago, I’ve lost 6.2lbs!

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Congrats! I’ve never heard of MyFitnesPal… will have to check it out.



Yay Sarah! I’ve been using mfp on and off. Most days, I only eat one meal at home and I don’t know how to log it. Honsetly, I usually forget to log. If im snacking consistently ill remember to use it so ill stop eating lol. Good job and keep it up!

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They have phone apps for iPhone and Droid, love the barcode scanner!


i have the app on my droid. its just if i cook something home made, im not sure how to log it. i use the barcode scanner all the time, well, when i remember to use the app that is.

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I weigh/measure everything out and if it’s for the family, I create it as a new recipe or if it’s just for myself, I log each ingredient individually. Takes me maybe… 3-4 min to enter it as a recipe at most and maybe 1-2 min (or less sometimes) to enter my own meals (like lunch for example).

Amanda Jillian


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Linda Ursin

Congrats! I’m dreading a weigh-in post. I’ve gained, and I know it.

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I’ve been trying SUPER SUPER SUPPPPERRR hard to stay on track, it sort of helps that my husband works Thanksgiving so there is no temptation for me to cook/bake mad crazy style.

Linda Ursin

My husband’s out of work at the moment, but even when he does work, he’s a real saboteur.

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Congrats! I love MFP…joining back in January is what really kick started me and helped me lose 50 lbs. :)

Feel free to add me if you like! I’m kuhristeee on there.

Awesome! Added you!

Jodi Hall

way to go! :)

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Thank you!


I’m so proud of you! :D

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