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Well so far I have lost in total 13 pounds. I hope to be at my 10% goal by January if at all possible.

So I am on this group weblog with three other (one is basically there in name only) people who I got to join WW with me. Well I appear to be the only one that is taking it seriously and that upsets me. Not even 2 weeks into WW did they “give up” for a day or “too busy to track what I ate”. Mind you they are stay at home mother’s. I work full time and I’m a single mother. I still find the time to measure/record what I have eaten. I suppose for me it’s a lifestyle change not just some “fad diet”. Does this even make sense? I am just so fustrated about it. I had recommended some friends to join that group blog and when I asked the owner if they had registered, she told me they did but she only wanted her friends to join. I would love to set up a group blog or forum for WW but well… heh not sure about that yet.

I suppose it comes down to that I am really serious about this and the other people are not. I feel like I don’t get any support from them. While I am always there for them to tell me how they didn’t do it so well or at ALL or giving them suggestions on what to eat or how to change their favorite foods into lower point foods.

Just… fustrated and very upset.