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Are you happy? Really and truly happy? Even with all of the daily stresses and problems… at the end of the day… are you happy?

posted on November 27th 2005 at 1:54PM CST

Yes, I really do think I am very happy. Life is good, stressful and hectic, but good.

posted on November 27th 2005 at 5:26PM CST

Nope. Not at all. I used to be and I will be again. But right now? Nope.

posted on November 28th 2005 at 8:21AM CST

Yes, I have a wonderful family filled with lots of love. Although everyone has there ups and downs every night when I go to bed I remember how truly happy I am.

posted on December 1st 2005 at 2:24PM CST

I know that I bitch and whine and complain…but I think overall I am happy. I am also grateful for hte things I do have. :)