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Alright I wake up, get online, and I’m told I am once again Princess for the Elven White Kingdom! My first reaction is OMG MY TRUE CALLING! Then its oh wait I hope that die sprite crap doesn’t happen again…but I’m optimistic cause Eva IMed saying she was sorry and even Ver IMed tonight and we had a civil convo!! So I am going to try and keep a bright outlook! I’m doing the Elven site with Mel and I’m using a nice “freaky” look totally UN CLAN like! I mean why does Elven have to be like other clans? Anyways this weekend I go visit my twin FINALLY! We haven’t seen each other in almost a YEAR well it would be a year in july I think….hmm….so we are going to the rock n roll hall of fame *John Lennon Exhibt* so I CAN’T WAIT!!! Well thats it for now since I still don’t get how to use this thing! hahahahhahahahahahaa