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March 17th 2007 / 4 minutes to read

First off, for all you car lovers… I had the pleasure at work yesterday to gaze upon the ford gtx-1. Two of them. Yes. Ok I admit I had no idea what the big deal was until all the guys got all sobby excited and full of girlish glee but still. Pretty damn awesome. Naturally it was the one day I did not bring my camera with me and trust me, I won’t make that mistake again as everyone bounded towards me with shiny excitement “AHHH DO YOU HAVE YOUR CAMERA DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S OUT THERE AHHHH!!”. I actually uttered the phrase, “boys and their toys”. Yeah. Shoot me now.

The above photo is currently linked to Flickr because Zooomr is being upgraded so right now I can’t upload photos and such.

I got my car today, I am still very tense driving. They washed it, painted it… it’s all shiny and clean. I just wish I wasn’t so skittish driving now.

At Meijer’s yesterday, I was thrilled to find egg shaped candles at which are sitting pretty on my altar. Just in time for Ostara.

Let’s see… on the pain front, I had to hop up on a few excedrin yesterday because not only was I getting another migraine (which seem to be more frequent since the accident ugh) but my back has been screaming at me since around 2p or so. After I came home I bitched about it, cried a bit, then cleaned the kitchen, hallway, and bedroom. My logic was that since I was already in pain, what’s a bit of cleaning that would hurt me anyway. I never said I had sane logic. I already got a bill for the ER, $1600. Glad I have full coverage auto insurance which will pay up to $5000 of my medical bills. I need to call them and see what I can do about seeing a doctor as a follow up. The migraines being more frequent concern me a bit.

Lastly, mind sharing your favorite Ostara / spring equinox / spring in general recipes?


I finally had the opportunity to do some meditation holding some rough rose quartz, listening to my “steady rain” mp3 on the podlet (to block out all the apartment noises) and read a few tarot cards (using the Goddess deck) tonight. I initially wanted to think about Isis but the Goddess Diana kept popping into my head. Which in general is odd because although I know she is a roman goddess and similar to Artemis, I don’t know much about her. So I asked her to guide me, I then did a 3 card tarot reading, past: five of pentacles, present: six of swords reversed, and future: IX Contemplation (hermit card). For me that showed that in my past, I faced a lot of financial issues, lack of money and such, the present showed me that I need to figure out what is holding me back, why I am letting myself be held back by fear in my life, and future showed me that if I do manage to get past the fear that my life will change for the better, basically, I need to figure everything out, learn from my past and stop doing the same mistakes over and over. I also did a single card, what do I need to do to change and got the six of pentacles, reversed. Which to me basically meant I need to appreciate what I have now. I constantly do “if only I had… if only I was able to… maybe if… maybe when… someday I hope…” instead of acknowledging what I do have in the here and now. Appreciating what I do have. I need to make a conscious choice to focus on the positive in my life instead of “it could be better if”.

I’m sure none of that made any sense heh. I don’t even know if I got the card’s meanings correct heh. That’s what I get for adding more to an entry at 3am!

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