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August 31st 2006 / 2 minutes to read

Do you take any vitamins? If so, which ones (and brands) and why do you take each one specifically?

The weather has perked up, bright green grass, blue skies, and that lovely chill in the air. I hope to go out later after work and take Danny to the park, take photos, all of that fun stuff.

Reguarding the previous entry, I finally realised that I should be happy that entire situation happened. I shouldn’t have associated myself with low class people because all you get in return is low class behavior. I just really don’t deal well with rude behavior. It drives me crazy! I guess that’s what bothered me the most. The lack of consideration, rudeness, and paranoia.

I can’t believe it’s almost September. It feels like this year has gone by really fast. I can’t wait to pick apples and pumpkins, to admire the fall leaves… it’s exciting to just think about it! Actually, I just realised Labor Day is coming up, I’m sure I will work, can’t afford not to. I also can’t believe my birthday (October 17th) is coming up. I will be 25 years old… with an almost 5 yr old child! It blows my mind sometimes. I hope I get some acknowledgement of my birthday this year, that would be nice.

It’s silly but I am so pleased I have about half a tank of gas left in my car, it means I don’t have to spend so much on gas tomorrow when I fill up! Thankfully gas prices seem to have lowered, looking online it seems that a couple are UNDER $3.00 a gallon! Amazing!

I decided I am going to stop drinking pop, even my beloved Coke Zero. Only water and a bit of milk. I am totally out of pop right now so I need to resist buying some. I need pop removal support!

Lastly, check out Vibrant, it’s all perky over there!

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I do take vitamins –  One-A-Day Women’s.  I like One-A-Day :) It’s not silly to be happy about having a half a tank of gas in the car… it’s been so expensive it’s gotta be great to not have to fork over as much money.  I’m excited about fall coming too. It’s a wonderful time of year :D

Reply to Miranda

It’s always better to take the high road. I read the previous entry and it sounded so much like a high school locker room. You’re better than that!

On the birthday front, what I wouldn’t give to be 25 again, but know what I know now. :-)

Happy early birthday!

Reply to Jenda

I take a high dose vitamin B6 for stress and its supposed to help my PMS…hmm, yeah I think it does!
I think you should forget about so called ‘friends’ who act so childishly.  The stronger person would just let it go :)
Lovely site btw

Reply to clare

almost forgot! I love September because its my birthday!…saddly Im not 25 anymore, add 10 years*gulp* Im old

Reply to clare

I really like fall. It’s my favorite season. I am looking forward to the weather cooling down quite a bit as well!

Reply to Kasie

I almost cried a couple days ago when I went to fill up my gas tank and gas was $2.39. If it goes up again I’m driving my car into a lake.

I used to take a Centrum every day when I was a vegetarian, and I still take one a day for a few days when I’m feeling under the weather (it helps to balance things out, I guess). I swear by Centrum as a cure-all. haha

Reply to Beth

oh gosh, the way you describe autumn, it’s getting me excited, too. :) i have to admit it’s not one of my favorite seasons though, but winter is, and with autumn is one more season closer to winter.

i take a centrum multivitamin when i actually remember, and i don’t know if it actually works or not. it’s get in my mind and makes me think i’m healthier though. cheap gas in the area is around $02.62? that’s not too bad. :D

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