Ok, one of the sewer guys had me radio my boss to let her know he would not make it to a morning call due to 2 digs going on this morning. So I do so. I ask if she should reschedule for later in the day (she is the one that took the call) and that she forgot to list the phone number on the ticket. She proceeds to go spastic on me “DON’T DO ANYTHING DO YOU UNDERSTAND DO NOT RESCHEDULE!”


I was not going to DO a damn thing! I was just asking what she wanted to do with her customer!


I think maybe she was having a crappy morning? She and other boss came in and both were all nice and perky to me even though I’m not doing shit and just reading a book lol.

She said they aren’t coming back for the rest of the day that they will see me tomorrow *payday* so umm ok I feel better now.

Jane Smith
posted on March 24th 2005 at 11:06AM CST

Don’t ya just love bosses that can’t keep it together?

posted on March 24th 2005 at 11:23AM CST

I’m confused. Is it because of what happened yesterday? Does she think the person will get mad and do something? Yeah I’m confused.