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What’s Left Of Me

Well I love Nick Lachey. I do!

The restricted entry photos are also on my myspace. Not like it’s naked photos lol.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, my sister and I are going up to Wisconsin to look at the Scion xA, have me test drive it, so on and so forth. I also have to do massive amounts of laundry.

My sister came over a bit ago to get some of the nummy roasted chicken, fresh mozzarella, and mini penne pasta that I made for dinner, and I was wearing pants that actually fit, since my other ones literally fall off of me but I am too stubborn to buy new pants heh.

I am going to write a huge sappy entry soon, probably tomorrow night as I drown my sorrows in some ice cream. Because… it’s damn good nummyness.

Both Malory and Mari suggested that I do a banishing ritual, banish the crappy icky not good stuff going on and welcome in the new, renew myself, bring forth the good so to speak. I sound ditzy. Like a big puffy cottonball.

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