January 1st 2004 / 1 minute to read

You can see tonight’s dinner by visiting Imagination!

Crys and I are thrilled with the response the Pagan@OSN Forums have been recieving!

I am off of work the next two days so if anyone needs anything done let me know asap!!

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Angel Whispers

I sent Barb’s layout back your way.  Did you get it back?

Reply to Angel Whispers

Ahhh my layout… yes, well I wasn’t aware you were off but you know I can manage to keep ya busy like a good hostie I do what you ask, miss sarah!

Aside from all that –  I hope you enjoy these couple of days you have to yourself.  It looks like there’s another meeting in the works so I bet that has you just as energized. 

Now, comes the slow season so you should have a bit more relaxation time – a good thing.  make sure to take time to breathe and soak in all the goodness.

Reply to Barb

Mmmm… dinner looks yummy. Berries. Now I’m in the mood for fruit. After I’m done with this comment, I think I’ll go search my kitchen for fruit. Mmmm.
Hope you had a lovely new year. :)

Reply to Shawn

Your dinner looked really yummy!  Makes me feel guilty about not eating as healthy as I should.

I love the forums! :)

Reply to Phoenix

Aww, I haven’t had berries in forever!
I knew I was forgetting something, I forgot to sign up for the forums, duh.
Thanks again for the help on the comment box!

Reply to Melissa

OOhh thats cool how you show your dinner online :D very cool idea. although, i would never have the cuts to show something i made online ;);) take care!

Reply to Veronika

The strawberries look delicious, I wish I could just reach through the screen and grab some to munch on.

Reply to Kristin

Thank-you so much, Sarah! :) I’ll be sending something your way soon. Peace and Love.

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