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You can see tonight’s dinner by visiting Imagination!

Crys and I are thrilled with the response the Pagan@OSN Forums have been recieving!

I am off of work the next two days so if anyone needs anything done let me know asap!!

Angel Whispers
posted on January 1st 2004 at 7:47PM CST

I sent Barb’s layout back your way.  Did you get it back?

posted on January 2nd 2004 at 12:06AM CST

Ahhh my layout… yes, well I wasn’t aware you were off but you know I can manage to keep ya busy like a good hostie I do what you ask, miss sarah!

Aside from all that –  I hope you enjoy these couple of days you have to yourself.  It looks like there’s another meeting in the works so I bet that has you just as energized. 

Now, comes the slow season so you should have a bit more relaxation time – a good thing.  make sure to take time to breathe and soak in all the goodness.

posted on January 2nd 2004 at 1:15AM CST

Mmmm… dinner looks yummy. Berries. Now I’m in the mood for fruit. After I’m done with this comment, I think I’ll go search my kitchen for fruit. Mmmm.
Hope you had a lovely new year. :)

posted on January 2nd 2004 at 2:06PM CST

Your dinner looked really yummy!  Makes me feel guilty about not eating as healthy as I should.

I love the forums! :)

posted on January 2nd 2004 at 2:15PM CST

Aww, I haven’t had berries in forever!
I knew I was forgetting something, I forgot to sign up for the forums, duh.
Thanks again for the help on the comment box!

posted on January 2nd 2004 at 2:21PM CST

OOhh thats cool how you show your dinner online :D very cool idea. although, i would never have the cuts to show something i made online ;);) take care!

posted on January 2nd 2004 at 3:23PM CST

The strawberries look delicious, I wish I could just reach through the screen and grab some to munch on.

posted on January 2nd 2004 at 8:08PM CST

Thank-you so much, Sarah! :) I’ll be sending something your way soon. Peace and Love.