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Its early morning I’m tired yet I mentally refuse to pass out. Maybe I am a bit worried about my upcoming trip with my sister? I *really* want her new friends to like me and not think I’m like some sort of freak! I had a mini voice convo on MSN messenger with Morgan and I honestly think she laughs *more* than I do if thats possible!!! Well I have most of the Elven section up but I still need the support of the rest of the council I mean I find it pretty stupid that only a *few* people do EVERYTHING and get NO support! I mean no WONDER people think Elven died! NO ONE does anything anymore!! PoOps said earlier “woohoo finally someone is taking over” Now I can take that 2 ways… 1. I am like trying to “take” over and ream everyone out OR 2. finally someone is DOING something! Hopefully its the later! I’ve been working on the Forum for SpunkySprite.com and I think I am learning these cgi scripts decently fast! I never knew that there was SO many awesome things you could do with cgi out there…then again we never had a domain before hahahahahahaha…..lately I feel like I have *all* these things to do but mentally…I don’t seem to have time to DO everything! For instance I need wizards for my palace Imagine…..and Mor suggested Chris n Ronnie but its like ummm lets see they semi started a die sprite campaign and I honestly wouldn’t trust them again so thats SO out of the question…but the people who submit apps obviously know NOTHING of palace or how to spell or read for that matter….their solution for everything is “kill them” “ban them” its like I have enough problems IRL I don’t need to have a unsuccessful online life. I’ve learned the hard way DON’T hire people who own palaces! They get freaky and mental and possesive! Latley I’ve been way more into looking at personal websites and sites with blogs….creative sites….I never knew but its like a mini community out there! hahahaha tonight on TechTv they had a little segment on the ScreenSavers about blogging! I was like hahaha as soon as I finally find out about it they have it on Techtv! I loooooveeeee Leo! He is *drool* something about him I suppose. I felt so proud when I got the guestbook to work I hope people sign it….that would make me perky n happy because I feel SpunkySprite.com for not even being up a month yet has done pretty good !!! Mor was like it took her MONTHS to get 500 visitors and we have something around 500-600 or so already! I think thats it for now unless something else pops up I would feel the need to babble on and on and ON about!

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