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So I am filing away invoices when the phone rings and it is Matt, calling me at work, to tell me he wants to see Daniel. I told him no. I was not harsh about it. I explained that he has not shown any interest in his son, he doesn’t write his child, call his child, contact his child, etc. I told him he needs to show he is responsible and that he needs to help support his son. He then proceeded to get angry and tell me I am tormenting Daniel for not letting Matt come and be a father when HE feels like it.

Just ugh I am so upset. I seriously need a hug right now.

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posted on September 15th 2005 at 10:26PM CDT

You did what’s right.  Untill he shows he can own up to donating sperm, he needs to stay out of Daniel’s life.  If he wants contact with him, tell him he can call his son on the phone.