Why I Had to Fire My Hair Stylist

September 13th 2012 / 14 minutes to read

Remember when I got all ballsy and had my hair dyed purple? How thrilled I was to finally find a hair stylist who could do my hair?

Epic. Fail. Here’s my story on why I had to fire my hair stylist… and the hunt for a new stylist begins.

This is my personal experience with It’s All About You Hair Salon located in Arlington Heights Illinois.

I dyed my hair purple in February of this year and loved it. I spent a small fortune ($437. Yes it was that expensive.) to get it done (I was told due to the foils and Pravana brand color being so expensive) and posted a glowing review on Yelp about my awesome hair. Due to my Yelp review, she apparently got some new clients (per an email she sent to me in March). I was told at the time by the stylist (who happens to be the salon owner) that since it was not permanent dye, it would fade in 3-6 weeks so 5 weeks later, even though the color looked just as vibrant, I thought due to the length of time that it must be faded.

So mid-March I spend another $100+ to get it “touched-up”. I felt a bit pressured into getting a trendy haircut, “omg you’re no FUN, this color NEEDS a FUN haircut!” but the color was absolutely perfect. I loved it. The orchid color in the bangs… just…. LOVED IT! Here’s a photo of it two months after the touch-up in May (Yep! I am that pale!).

Then at the end of June, my hair was actually faded at this point, unlike when I went in March, and this time my experience was very lackluster. She was sloppy with the color, it took a week to scrub it off my forehead, neck, and ears, and didn’t do the color correctly even though I showed her that May photo AND I still had color in my hair. She ended up not putting any of the Orchid in (until I complained about it, then tried to put the light pink over the dark purple… didn’t work…) and put the dark brown shade too far down my hair so it looked like I had “dip-dyed” my ends purple rather than the awesome that was my Spring hair. I can only assume it’s because her family was there and she was distracted by talking / laughing with them instead of focusing on me, the client.

Ok… so I complained… didn’t tip and left it at that. I actually have no photos of my hair during this point because it bothered me.

That (minus some hair cuts) brings us to last Thursday when I went in for just a hair cut (to even out my hair and get rid of the trendy cut that was done in March) and get a price on removing the purple to make my hair auburn. I said that I was inspired to go red because of it being Autumn with all the leaves. As always I brought in some inspiration photos.

Instead of doing a play-by-play I shall offer up the email sequence because it’s just easier.

She emails me the quote on changing my hair color

Hello there Ms. Sarah,

I’m hoping your account is ok. Once again, I’m very sorry about what happened yesterday and I know it will all work out soon.

As far as your current ‘FALL LEAVES’ haircolor:

I swore if i ever had to foil someones entire head again, especially twice, I would charge at least $500.00. I know that your entire strand of hair is not purple however, your entire head does have purple, well at least 93% of your hair.

Removing the purple via highlighting and then refoiling with the color that you do want is foiling your hair twice; only now i have to move fast and be ready to spray the lightener off of your hair simultaneously.

I’m so up for the challenge and I know that it is going to look amazing when we are finished,,,,remind me once again to take photos….so the foils and base color will be $300.

The color and cut will be a grand total of $348.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Talk to you soon,
Kim :O)

Now I don’t do hair, I fix computers and make blogs awesome but slapping some bleach on is not the same as highlighting (which during my blonde days, would indicate a color and toner at the very least over the bleached area) and based on her services and prices page a full head of foil is $105 so a double foil would be $210… what’s the other $90 for?

My complaint email

sent Friday the 27th – 24hrs after being at the salon. I hadn’t received her quote email at this point, got it a minute later.

Hi, so now that I’ve had time to “live” in my hair for a day, I admit, I am unhappy.

  • 1. My bangs weren’t trimmed at all
  • 2. I have a large bleached section of white/yellow color in my hair, which looks awful.
  • 3. I do feel that my overall experience was poor.

I got to my 1:30p appointment, on time. I feel I got into your chair within an appropriate amount of time but after that things went downhill.

I am upset that the bleach was applied to my hair, which gave me the impression you had time to do my color (then finding out you didn’t have availability until next week). Also you didn’t continue cutting my hair after stopping and doing the bleach. I could understand one small foil as a test to see if the color would even lift but not the multiple foils that have left me with a very large and noticeable portion of white/yellow bleached hair. I’ve already had strangers make (I’m sure they feel it’s funny) comments about me “missing a spot” which has made me feel very self-conscious.

I brought up that I was upset about the bleached hair and your only suggestion was to put my hair up. Which I didn’t find to be helpful considering I was there to get a hair cut, not to have a better ponytail.

After getting washed a second time (at this point it was close to 2:15p after being there since 1:30p) I proceeded to sit in another chair with wet hair until 3:05p to get my original basic cut finished. I was unaware that you did not trim/cut my bangs. I appreciate the blow dry and flat iron however I rarely do that to my own hair, which I expressed, so I’m a bit concerned how my hair will be (once I wash it) with my naturally wavy/curly texture.

At almost 3:30p is when the financial situation occurred. I don’t blame anyone for that, however I was made to feel uncomfortable when you kept asking me ABOUT my finances in front of other employees/clients, it made me feel like I was on welfare and begging for handouts.

At this point, I don’t know what to do because I am extremely unhappy with my color, I am not pleased about my bangs, and overall to be there from 1:30p to 4:00p for a basic (not complicated or trendy cut or a hair treatment) hair cut has left me upset overall. Not including the $98 that is still processing to my account, I’ve spent $787 since February and just expected to be treated a different way.

What can we do to resolve this situation?

This is a quick picture shot on my cell phone but you can see the large bleached area. It was still straight because I took this photo when I got home from the salon. I’m sure to some people, this is nothing but to me, this is a large area of bleached hair.

Now to flesh out the financial situation story… the hair cut was supposed to be $48, when I went up to pay (I was furious, already complained, decided to basically just not tip and get the hell home…) I was handed the receipt to sign but it showed the total as $98. I asked the assistant what happened, she got very upset and then had the salon owner / stylist come over. She refunded the $98 and then was surprised when I said I wouldn’t pay $48 on top of that until the refund was back in my account, which on average takes 5 business days.

She didn’t believe me. I used an analogy of, “Ever return something to Target? How you don’t get the refund instantly? Same. Thing.” and it wasn’t until 15 minutes later when she talked to someone at her credit card processing company and they confirmed what I told her, did she believe me. She then proceeded to, in a room of her employees and clients, make remarks about my financial life, “How will you be able to feed your children?! Do you need money?! How will you survive?! I know you can’t afford this mistake!” and so on. I’m not sure what she thinks my financial situation is as I don’t discuss that information in general, much less with a person who is doing my hair, but suffice to say our bills are paid on time and the boys are healthy, happy, and well fed.

Also, the bleach was in my hair for only two minutes and yes it got that light that quickly. She got me very excited about that which also contributed to me thinking she was going to color my hair (why else do so much bleaching?).

Here’s the rest of it….

Her emailed response

sent via her phone 6 hours later
I will call you tomorrow.
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

Me again…

sent two minutes later
I’d rather prefer email.

So THREE DAYS go by and nothing. Not even a phone call attempt or email (I wanted everything in writing). So after three days, I sent another email.

I’m emailing yet again…

sent 3 days after my original email
It’s been three days and I still haven’t gotten an emailed response about the situation on Thursday. I feel like I’m not being taken seriously and would like this to be resolved. I still would like to remain a client but this situation and lack of response has me very uncomfortable.

Again, I would like an emailed response.

Her response… from her phone again

sent a few hours later
I will email you tomorrow
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

Finally, she responds a day later


I understand your concerns, I think that long term you will be happier with another hairstylist.

In the meantime, if you would like me to reapply purple to the highlighted strands and
re-cut your bangs, I would of course do that at no charge.

Also, I will not be charging you for the service from September 6, 2012.

Wait… WHATTTT?! She not only didn’t address any of my concerns but… re-cut my bangs? That she never cut in the first place? Place bright purple dye on the bleached chunk of my hair but calling it highlights?? You have to be fucking kidding me. Way to not accept fault and make me feel even worse! SWEET! I know this sounds petty but I swear she didn’t write that email herself, just based on other correspondence over the past year.

At this point I’ve already accepted that I don’t trust her, won’t go back to her, and will have to shell out a fortune to get my hair fixed because I will not bleach my own hair and I will not take the chance of screwing it up even further by putting boxed hair dye on my multicolored hair, especially since I know I won’t be happy with it. I called around local salons, salons in the city – Chicago, and even as far as Wisconsin and the average price is $200-300. Which being that I’m not a millionaire, I don’t have just laying around. It’s doable… eventually. However having to wait a few months to save up is frustrating and I already feel so bad about my appearance.

I finally emailed back because I really wonder why she didn’t actually address my concerns, just acknowledged that I had concerns, was patronizing to me, and was implying she didn’t do anything wrong. I really wonder why I was sitting for hours, being ignored with a wet head and only half a hair cut, plus the bleached area… I actually didn’t leave the salon until 4pm (again my appointment was at 1:30p which I was on time for) due to the cut not being finished until 3:40pm and then the financial situation taking another twenty minutes.

My more pissed off email response

I have to admit this email has me confused. You didn’t really address a single concern of mine (like why was I sitting around for hours with a wet head, or how my appointment for a hair cut at 1:30p took until 3:40p). It also (and I’m sure you didn’t intend it this way) came across a bit patronizing. You didn’t cut my bangs at all so not sure why you said “re-cut”, also you did not place highlights in my hair but bleached a rather large noticeable section of hair.

Placing bright purple on top of it will look just as bad compared to the rest of my current color. I am now stuck with a hair cut and hair color that makes me feel poorly about my appearance and will cost me hundreds of dollars to fix plus the added discomfort of finding a new stylist who would have the ability and time to fix my hair.

I agree that long term, a different stylist is the best choice for me and I also agree that I shouldn’t have to pay for a service that not only wasn’t 100% completed in general, and that I was not treated like a regular client who spends hundreds with you, but I was sitting for hours with wet hair and I left with a large bleached area of hair that I can’t easily repair without spending a lot of money.

I also do not think it’s a good idea, although I appreciate the gesture, of coming back to your salon because I now feel uncomfortable with the confrontational tone I seem to be receiving (again, I’m sure it’s not intentional).

At the time of publishing this post, I still haven’t gotten a reply to the last email I sent two days ago. I’m not entirely shocked though as it took FOUR DAYS to get a condescending response to my original complaint.

I will not be returning to It’s All About You Hair Salon located in Arlington Heights Illinois.

I am open to recommendations of a great stylist for cut and creative color in the northwest Chicago ‘burbs and I am willing to drive a bit for a good stylist.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a hair salon? Share it in the comments!

Update 9/17/2012 It’s been six days since my last email attempt and no response. I’ve also noticed that my Yelp review has been filtered and she suddenly has a lot of 5 star reviews on Yelp. I have also gotten a lot of hits from local towns (which is new really) which I’m sure is related. So there you go. Spend almost $1,000 and end up with jacked up hair and high school behavior from a salon owner.

Update 11/2012 I never did get a response from the salon owner who damaged my hair, however I did get some emails from… her friends? Other clients? Telling me that I’m “ignorant” and that I don’t understand that “good work costs money”. I’m fairly sure those individuals don’t have bleached / choppy hair. I also find it absolutely hilarious that after posting this and my review on Yelp, she went from 2 reviews (one of which was mine, one was from years ago from another individual) to over 14 (all but two glowing reviews are filtered, including mine). So there you have it!

This post is over a year old which means the content may be outdated or no longer accurate.


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I’m actually so disgusted at the attitude this salon owner is taking. For a small business owner, she should be bending over backwards for customers who have been loyal and consistent. Bad results? Front up and admit fault. Do your best to make your client feel as if they are a respected customer and do your best to compensate.

Reply to Sewwy

Thank you so much because I feel the same way. Being someone that has worked retail and customer service oriented jobs for over 14 years, I wonder why she didn’t acknowledge any of the issues or apologize? A real apology too, not “I’m sorry you feel that way” lol.

We shall see if she emails me back ever… I did suck it up and do an update review on Yelp. That was a first for me.


I’ve read this over a couple of times now, and I still can’t believe that ANY business owner would be so careless with a customer, especially one that’s returned a few times. And, having done some bleaching and highlights and odd colors for friends, I have NO idea why she would bleach a CHUNK of your hair if she didn’t have time to do ALL of it.

Reply to Crystal

She actually wanted to “bleach whatever I can do in 30 minutes” after I complained when I saw how much she bleached out and she suggested I just wear it in a ponytail. So really if I didn’t suck it up and say something (not my normal nature) I’d have awful half bleached hair right now (mixed with dark brown AND my roots of light brown and grey).

Overall, dismissing me, not acknowledging my concerns / complaints or apologizing… that’s made things so much worse.


As a licensed cosmetologist for more than 30 years, I would suggest you contact your local Board of Cosmetology and file a complaint. Use the information and pictures you have posted in this blog entry to give more leverage to your complaint. There is absolutely no excuse for the treatment you have received and filing a complaint may not get your money back, but it will be cause for the licensing agency to check into the practices of the salon. Also check your local yellow pages online, there may be a place to write a review, Yelp removes any negative comments. Hope this works out for you.

Reply to Vickie

Thankfully I have all of the money back, due to the financial error that was made when I tried to pay (they double charged me, then I had them refund it).

I do wonder if my review on Yelp will stay up now!


So glad you posted about this! And Vickie’s suggestion is great. No stylist in their right mind would make a mistake like that and then tell you to put your hair in a ponytail as a solution to hiding the bleach. If she didn’t have the time to color then she had no business testing a huge chunk of hair with bleach… Then after realizing her mistake she should of automatically offered to fix your hair ASAP even if it were on Her own time. Aside from her poor business practices, she obviously didn’t value or appreciate you as a repeat customer. I hope you soon find a new salon!

Reply to Amanda

I just love how she calls BLEACHING MY HAIR “highlights”. My mind? Blown. I just am not grasping any of the logic apparently.

I also can’t get over that she hasn’t apologized or acknowledged what she did OR any of my concerns. All she did was acknowledge that I HAD concerns heh.


Wow, I can’t believe she treated you so poorly. I worked in retail management for a decade and would never imagine treating a customer like this. Your hair looked great in the beginning so I can see why you went back. It’s so hard to find a consistently good stylist. Ugh!!!!

Reply to Noelle

I am at such a loss. It’d be one thing if I could fix it myself or find an affordable fix but THIS? I feel like my hands are tied in a way.

You are far nicer than I would have been! That’s just absurd- to ignore you, to demean you. Man, I would have been a complete bitch. I once asked a stylist to do red lowlights foiled into my blonde hair. Well, it turned pink because she did it wrong, or something… either way… instead of fixing it, she put my wet hair up in a clip, and told me to come back in 3 hours after her next client left. Her solution was to put brown dye over it all- while she chatted on the phone and played on her cell. Anyway, I hope you get this resolved.

I cried when I got home. Cried again when I finally got her email. I’m not going to lie, I’ve completely broken my diet that I’ve been doing perfectly since April. Who knew THIS would shatter my hold over food heh.

I have gotten a bad set of bangs cut and it put me over the edge. I can understand how upset you are. I had to wait over a year before my hair was back to normal.

BTW I love the new blog design.

Thank you! It’s Autumny!

I now have jagged, crappy bangs that just… ugh bad. I have that bleached area of hair, and my light brown roots with some grey, the faded dark brown, the faded multi-purple going on… I feel SO trashy.


I had submitted my story that just happened. I cried too. I cried reading this. AND IM NOT A CRY BABY PERSON! But I am so ashamed, once you read my situation I am sure you will feel and see similarities. smh

Reply to Dianna

I still can’t believe she thought you should just wear a ponytail to hide the problem. (And bleach is NOT the same as highlights. WTH?!? I’m very ignorant about color but even I know that much.) I’m so sorry this happened to you! I’d be tempted to cut it really short to get most of the color out, but I realize that will just give you a different problem — having to wait months for it to grow out. What a mess. :-(

I’ve actually been trying to grow it out since February LOL! I told her that in March and that’s when I got pressured to do the “FUN TRENDYYYYY” cut.

It’s actually why I had scheduled this hair cut last Thursday because I wanted it evened, split ends removed, and my bangs fixed because I trimmed them myself six weeks ago and… well she never cut my bangs so they still have that lovely “I cut them myself” look heh.

I really can’t understand why she put bleach in your hair. Did she ASK? Was there a plan? Sending a client home with unfinished hair is so totally unprofessional. I hope you can find a new salon with someone who’s happier to take your money in exchange for good work.

No. She did not ask. She cut the left side of my hair, I was showing her my color inspiration photos (via my Pinterest app, I am that hardcore) and she stuck a piece of foil on my hair, put some bleach on, two minutes go by and “OH LOOK IT LIFTED SO FAST!” and right away started putting more bleach on.

I got excited, I even clapped for reals, and said “I am so excited to change my hair color!” and at this point there is well, the large area you see in the photo… she stops talking and sends me to get my hair washed a second time. WHILE getting it washed, tells me from across the salon, “so you can come maybe sometime next week to do the color…” and that’s when I got upset and asked her what the heck I was supposed to do with my hair now, “just pull it back” and gathered my hair in a ponytail to display what she meant. Then I was ignored for over an hour with wet hair.

Yeah. Awesome.


How. Dare. She? You know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like she took on more than she was willing to handle with your hair… Probably saw it as a fun project at first and then got busy and bored of doing it and deliberately screwed with you to get you to leave so she wouldn’t have to tell you she was no longer up for the job.. you know, like a normal, mature human being would do.

I’m glad you named the company and I’m glad you changed your review. This woman sounds like a con artists. You don’t post 1 price on your website and then UP the price FOR ANY REASON. It reminds me of a 15 year old girl whining “This is soooo haaaaaaard.” and then doing a half-assed job just to get it over and done with, which is NOT how you treat a PAYING client, no matter what.

This is why salons terrify me. I rarely EVER get the cut I want because I feel like they’re not listening to me and they just see my long hair and say to themselves “I’ll just do whatever I want!” and I’m left disappointed 90% of the time.

Reply to Samantha

That actually makes a LOT of sense…

I am really curious now why the large discrepancy between the price she is quoting and the pricing on her website.


I can relate – it is absolutely infuriating to know you’ve invested hundreds and thousands on overpriced hair salon services only to leave devastated and receive a “too bad” b#tchy attitude to boot.
I left the salon today so pissed I can’t sleep or focus on anything else. I was at the salon for 4 hours, which is common for her because she books 3 people during my visit, thinking she can cut two other clients and do an eyebrow wax while I’m processing. I’m left looking at the clock , wondering why I don’t deserve to be her priority while I’m there? I’ve gone to the same stylist for years because she usually does decent highlights….so I’ve tolerated her slowness, appointment overlaps and inconsistent hair cutting.
My hair was “boob length” until she chopped 6 inches off without permission today. I am beside myself. It’s bad enough that she was so distracted, I think she forgot who or what she was doing, but she whacked it straight across like a Geisha …… horrified, I had to ask her to attempt to soften the ends by notching so it wasn’t so blunt ugly, despite that making it even shorter.
It took me years to grow my hair out how I wanted and in a matter of seconds she’d destroyed it. We have no recourse and they know it. They can’t reattach your hair. I paid for all-over plus full highlights. She put only a few highlight foils on the top, and sloppily globbed the lowlight in between at the same time.
She “decided” on her own to go a shade lighter than I’d requested, so the few highlights aren’t even visible – it’s looks like drab dishwasher. I always have to remind her to trim my bangs. Instead of making the effort, she chopped them so I have one inch of bang straight across – it literally looks like my hair was caught in a shredder. There is a tremendous problem of not listening and stylists doing as they please.
Another issue is that I have really thick hair and stylists can’t stand that. I enjoy and like it thick. Inevitability the stylist (every single one I’ve encountered in 30 yrs) decides to cut tons of layers to “thin” it out. Most people pay big bucks to add fullness. I don’t want you to chop it so I have nothing to hold up in a ponytail. If I wanted you remove 20 pounds of hair, I wouldn’t have spent two decades growing it out. I’m done. I’m going to stop getting it cut and order hair color from the new online site. The only way to have it done right is to do it myself.

Reply to Brenda

How are we not a priority! AND why are these stylists doing piss poor jobs? If everyone stopped going to these salons because they were botching our hair…guess who wouldn’t have jobs. Its like any job! I feel your pain. I had bra length hair, medium thickness, just enough to be full flowy and pretty, but not so bad I couldnt use a hair tie ahaa, My horrible misadventure made me with just a bit under my shoulder with a horrible chop shop job. its uneven as heck. NOT TO MENTION PURPLE! Which i didnt want or ask for. THIS makes me feel a bit better that I am not so alone. Im so just disappointed.

Reply to Dianna
Laura aka LaLaGirl

This. Sucks. I’ll admit, I’m confused as to the cost and time involved in doing your hair. My teenager went through a period of time where she had purple hair, and I took her to a regular salon to have it done. An upscale salon, but still – nothing crazy. It cost $125, which included a 20% “we went to high school together” discount, since an old friend of mine was the stylist. We were there about the same amount of time you expect to be there for any sort of color job – maybe 4 hours? What is so magical about this place?

Reply to Laura aka LaLaGirl

Four hours?! I was there for TWELVE hours, until FOUR AM when I first went purple, because she was doing a lot of other clients during the time, had dinner, ahh my experience is even more tainted heh. She told me it was because my hair wouldn’t “lift” from the bleach to the appropriate color to do purple (to explain why I was there so long).

Okay I can’t get over how much she was charging! That’s freaking insane. $500 that’s more then my car payment. I have NEVER heard of anyone charging that much for hair colors,cuts,styles, etc and I know a few people who work at salons. Even in CA it’s not that expensive.

Up until that point I always did either box dye at home or went to the hair cuttery where a haircut is like… $15 lol. So I assumed that the pricing was normal as I didn’t have anything to base it off of (from experience).

I wouldn’t even be as… concerned? About the money if I got an experience that equaled the amount spent you know? If I’m spending $50 on a freaking hair cut I want a $50 experience, not a $15 one.


wow what a horrible experience. i don’t do my hair though so i can’t really feel your pain but wow. yea, find someone else :P i live in NJ so i can’t really recommend anyone other then “the hair cuttery”, but i don’t know if you have those where you live.

Reply to Jenny

and OMG 400$ for a hair-do? that’s like… a new doll for me xD I’m officially jealous.

Reply to Jenny

LOL we do have the Hair Cuttery but sadly, I get what I pay for there so I gave up, it’s actually what prompted me to find a new salon and look where I ended up, same “quality” and mistakes at a higher price lol.

Nicole P.

I’m sorry you had go through this awful experience. It sucks and I hope you find someone to fix it for a reasonable price. You’re so pretty!

Reply to Nicole P.

Aww thank you! I have just awful self-esteem (mostly due to my weight) and to have crappy hair on top of it? Ugh. Not helping for sure.

Char Meyer-Webbr

wow!! Although i have never paid that much to do my hair (my sister is a hair stylist and hardly ever makes me pay for more than the cost of the hair dye) but this is absolutly unbelievable that she would treat you like that after spending close to a THOUSAND dollars at “her” salon. It makes me almost lose a little bit of hope in humanity. i mean if money can’t buy you an amazing hair dresser and fantastic hair then what can!? And the fact that she won’t even take the time out of her day to reply to an email…. i have to say (i watch way too much People’s Court) i would take her a$$ to small claims court with the picture and email evidence!! She shouldn’t be able to treat people that way and get away with it. I hope the best for your hair and your wallet when it comes to getting it all fixed!!

A girl 2 tone black and blonde hair
aka cruella devil lol

Reply to Char Meyer-Webbr

I actually had a bit of an “OMG I SPENT HOW MUCH?!!?!” moment when I added everything up.

I still haven’t heard back to my last email and it’s been two days.

AHHHH my husband LOVES People’s Court and I have to admit I love the judge lol.


I am just shocked at the way you have been treated (especially after giving them a glowing review before)! I myself have never paid that much to get my hair done (but I live in a small town in Michigan). I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted if they had been discussing my financial situation like that in a salon. It wouldn’t have been pretty. Again, I have never had my hair done like yours, but I don’t think it should take that long either. It shouldn’t take a whole day or half a day to do hair. And if it is going to take that long, it should be done right. Overall, I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience and I hope you find a better stylist soon.

Reply to Christina

I was embarrassed and horrified really. I didn’t know how to react and just left as her parting comment was “hey I run an awesome salon, come get your hair washed, cut, and whatever you want for free apparently!”.

Classy I know.

I cannot believe that was the last thing she said to you! And for the job she did, she’s damn right it should be free!

Amanda Jillian

That is very horrible treatment. I can’t believe that someone that would charge that much for be so disrespectful to a client. What you should do is find someone at the $15 place that gives you a $50 haircut for that price and stick with her. That’s what I do. She could easily charge $50 for her cuts, and her colors are amazing but she works for Fantastic Cuts for the insurance since she has a kid and is planning on another. And she does bend over backwards for clients.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I’ve tried a lot of the smaller salons around here in the $12-20 range and just… never was happy and I’m really not that picky! I can over look a LOT of stuff lol.

The hunt sucks.

Amanda Jillian

Yeah I kind of lucked out, my mom found my hair stylist.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Whatever happened to people standing by their work? I remember that if you didn’t like the style or cut that was given to you the stylist would fix it for FREE. Nowadays you’re pretty much stuck with it.

It almost seems as if she was complaining about having to foil? Isn’t that the profession SHE chose? If she doesn’t like doing it WHY offer the service in the first place? Furthermore, why start a job you don’t intend to finish? And then to dance around your concerns and questions? Horrible way to do business!

It really is a shame because based on the second photo I would probably make the 5+ hour drive to have her do MY hair. The style and color are absolutely amazing! But I won’t do business with anyone who treats their customers so poorly.

Obviously if I’m willing to travel so far I haven’t found a hair salon around here worth going to again. Ever since I moved here I’ve had nothing but bad experiences. The last time I went in for a cut and style I showed them a picture for inspiration and left with a 60’s style poofy hair bob. It was awful. I’ve tried just about every place in the area. Even went as far as to travel to St. Louis. I know my hair is tricky since it’s so thick and frizzes VERY easily, but a REAL stylist can work some magic. Do let me know if you find someone. I desperately need someone to fix 3 years worth of horrible cuts. :(

I seriously don’t understand it at all. My husband thinks that because she was aware of my personality (just deal, don’t confront) and that I kept spending so much money that she didn’t think she had to “impress” me or do a good job anymore.

Ugh, I feel for you. I am terrified right now. I keep looking up reviews on Yelp lol.

Oh hell no. No no no. You did what was right in standing up for your service. And you also did right in describing your service here on your blog. I would do the same. Treat people with respect, and if you are in business- by all means bend over backwards for your client. It is a big deal.

I hope that you find a competent artistic stylist soon that can own up to a mistake. We are all human, but it is how you handle yourself amidst a problem that reveals your true character.


Thank you that means a lot to me! I had a couple friends review the post over and over because I was so worried about even mentioning it but you’re right, I don’t want someone going through what I went through.


I manage a small business’ customer service and social media, and I simply cannot imagine (myself or my boss or anyone that works for our company) responding to a customer like that. If a customer says they’re unhappy, apologize for whatever they’re unhappy about and ask how you can fix it. That simple. Especially for repeat customers.

I’m sorry that’s happened, I would personally insist on her fix my hair (stripping the color or all-over bleaching it so you can go back to your normal color, or whatever you want) for free.

Reply to Cori

I would absolutely freak out if I damaged or ruined something for a client and made it THEIR fault. I still feel like crap from her email about my apparently new “highlights” and insinuating she cut my bangs (I should include a photo of them heh).

I still haven’t heard back from that last email that I sent her on the 11th. I also (just due to her tone) would be worried going back to her for fear of hair damage honestly.


Whatever happened to the saying that the customer is always right? I am so mad for you! I hope you find a new salon soon!

Reply to LaShawn

Thank you! I hope so too!

Your purple hair was gorgeous–so, so crappy that she half-assed it like this and ruined your hair. I hope you’re able to find someone who can fix it for you for a reasonable price. I had a similar experience at a salon where I was a regular–my stylist was talking to someone while waxing my eyebrows and she burned me badly and the salon absolutely wouldn’t accept responsibility. Dude, I’m effing BURNED, how could that NOT be your fault?! Anyway, you put your trust in these people & it sucks when they abuse that.

OMG you could have totally sued!!


Well you know how I feel about this but wanted to remind you that you should probably go in there and start slapping some faces :)

Reply to Veronica

LOL thank you!


Wow, that is some seriously jacked up stuff. :( I’m so sorry you aren’t happy with your hair! Honestly, her behavior was completely unacceptable. I would submit your complaint to the licensing board for your state/area but also file a complaint with the BBB about her misleading prices and horrible customer service/mistreatment. I know I’m not the only one that checks them out when looking into a business I’ve never gone to before, and unresolved complaints are a big red flag. Hope you find a place you like!

Reply to Gina

I will do that! Here we are, again on day FOUR of my email not being responded to. What a way to make me feel like a valued client that almost spent a grand in six months heh.

Sounds awful. I would nofollow the links though; helping their search rankings is not something you want to be doing!

Great advice on the nofollow! Went and did that right now.


Whoa, that is absolutely ridiculous. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience and I definitely wouldn’t go back there again either. My mother had a poor experience in a salon once too. She was getting her hair dyed blonde and the girl used BLACK hair dye on her hair. They had to bleach her hair and it was orange splotches on the top of her head. She had to go back and get it touched up multiple times. It was horrible! I hope that you’re able to find a stylist that you’re happy with.

Reply to Caity

Oh Sarah… that really sucks. I’m so glad you stood up for yourself. I have such trouble doing that. Be proud and then take the suggestion of contacting the BB. And don’t forget that you are absolutely beautiful!


I feel for you! I’ve had my share of bad experiences but nothing close to what you’ve been through. My biggest complaint – and I’m telling you, this pisses me off royally, is when the stylist turns the chair around so you can’t see in the mirror. Then I know they’ve effed up.

I’ve been going to the same stylist close to my house and she highlights my roots. It’s okay, nothing great. I only get a PARTIAL foil, not full, and she charges me $105. Not haircut either. To add insult to injury she has ME fold the foils around a plastic (broken at the end, jesus, can’t she at least replace it?) board and HAND them to her.

Why do I continue going to her? She’s close and is the only stylist who does an OK job. Most of the others I’ve tried have either fried my hair or turned it orange. I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. An expensive hard place at that…

Reply to Kapper

I once had a stylist tell me that the reason my highlights turned out dull orangy yellow was because I took Antibiotics the day before I came in!!! Lol! Now,… I had been highlighting my own hair for ages but I just didn’t feel like doing it that time. I knew the minute she used a blonde hair color with 20 volume developer that it would never be light enough, but I thought,” this must be a new brand” it went on creamy gold and got more brassy by the minute! I had asked for near white highlights so after forever under a dryer, foil removed,hair washed and me sitting in her chair staring at a head full of brassy yellow strands…. She proceeds to ask me what medications I was taking. I told her penicillin ” oh well that’s what it is!, antibiotics concentrate in the scalp and cause haircolor to be unpredictable”. I died laughing and told her “no, golden blonde hair color with 20 volume developer over brown hair left on for 40 minutes causes brassy yellow highlights. The 20 v developer lifted for the first 10-15 minutes, then it deposited for the remaing minutes…ergo ‘golden blonde’ ” the sad thing is that she said she had been doing hair for 15 years! Lesson: just because a hairstylist has a license doesn’t mean they are good at hairstyling! Every driver on the road has a driver’s license, does that make them a good driver???
Good luck with your hair!
P.S., check into cellophanes for your purples,pinks, oranges, golds and even saucy reds. They’re fantastic over brunettes.

Reply to Ginger

Hello there!! I am so relieved I am not the only one here. SO I had a horrid experience at a walmart salon….yea yea I know who goes to walmart to buy bananas, spaghetti sauce, oh and get her hair done haha. That was just over a year ago, so i honestly let my hair grow out naturally and had a pretty wicked looking ombre haha. But I had a serious fear of salons. I was on facebook on a beauty site that I favor and I seen someone posting they wanted a salonist in the area. So I looked at the comments and seen a stylist with stunning photos! I mean like gorgeous photos! So I messaged her and showed her some amazing pics of a rose gold ombre that I loved. (i am half asian and on google there are some asian women with this rose gold ombre and it fit skin type etc) So I thought what a way to get a color and be a bit different. Knowing we cannot wear vibrant colors at work I got this color approved! WOW! So I spoke to her over a week, and she kept saying how beautiful this was going to look…. I was stoked! Scared to be in a salon again, but super uber excited is what I told her the day before my appointment! So I drive an hour and fifteen minutes to her salon which looked beautiful, pristine, high end! And shes so fun and bubbly I really started to feel comfortable. I even apologized for my straggly hair look, and told her about my fear of a salon due to my Wally world salon episode! Let me say when we started fb messaging I told her my hair was medium thick bra length and i had an outgrown ombre! So adding or touching up my mocha roots, and then putting a bit of lightner on my ends to put that beautiful rose gold, blush champaign color wouldnt be a biggie, and she quoted me $95-$115. Which seemed completely doable! Heck if I knew prices! So I get there I am starting to feel more comfy which is a huge plus. My oldest daughter and my frenchie bulldog pup were chilling in the car doing emo teenage stuff like listening to music etc. She would come down and check on me though throughout the process. So during the very beginning her assistant started doing my hair, she would do some, but then her assistant would do it too. She had other clients come in and literally leave me there sitting by myself until I literally kept falling asleep. I felt neglected so I would walk up stairs and go check on my kid and smoke a cig. ANY client that came in or was her regular she would just leave me sitting and do their hair from beginning to end and “fit me in” when she wasnt busy with them. I realized that she had bleached my bra length hair from tip to pretty much root! So this is the time I started taking pics, I was getting nervous. IF my hair is naturally dark, why did you bleach my whole head……twice! NEVER ONCE did she explain the process, never ever ever! DURING the whole process, her friends/clients would ask what color I was doing and she would tell them ” a pretty Mauve” and I would correct her and tell them “a rose gold ombre”. SO she says that she thinks a brown on my roots with a mauve into the rose would be perfect. I was like OK what do I know. SO her friends/clients leave and she is apparantely stuck with me (I got some naps in!) literally! And she begins working on my hair after her assistant hurridly applies this PURPLE dye to my roots! The assistant said twice “I have to leave”. I got there at 11am and didnt leave out until 5pm! I will GLADLY show pics of before and after! The things done to my head were UNNECESSARY! ANYHOW I notice purple roots, I ask her “hey this looks purple, its not purple is it?” She says “oh no its not, that is the lighting here in this salon its a cool lighting….yadda yadda yadda…” I tell her “ok good, I work in a corporate environment and we CANNOT have outlandish colors in our hair! And I got this specific color approved!” She states “Well yes the Rose Gold is almost a strawberry blondish so its not bold” BUT I am soooo excited its going to be so romantic and pretty on you!” she begins more color, and I notice its a tiny big lighter purple color! I ask again….”are you sure this isnt purple” She says “NO! Of course not, its the lighting remember! And plus it looks this color because I am cooling down the warm tones in your hair.” UHM WHAT WARM TONES you BLEACHED MY WHOLE HEAD! But I thought ok she keeps telling me that my eyes are not seeing purple so trust her shes professional, dont be paranoid. THE end all be all…..she washes my hair, and does a trim on my hair…… A TRIM! Then she blow drys my hair and says oh I need to put some waves in to show you the look better, she just begins not telling me guiding me or LETTING ME KNOW SHES CHARGING ME INSANELY FOR HER TO CURL MY HAIR FOR 2 MINUTES! I look in the mirror and my blood ran cold, my heart stopped, I literallly wanted to faint. My hair is….you guessed it PURPLE! SUPER ROYAL purple at the roots, in the sun its like a bright purple, my ends are a muddy silvery brownish purple, with dye in some spots and blotchy. SHE CONTINUED to tell me no its the lighting in here come outside, so i went outside she took pictures but didnt show me. She kept say “oh its gorgeous etc etc. I could see the damned purple! So its time to pay and she charged me $260! I looked at her with a shocking face. She starts saying oh we lightened your head twice, and added this and did this and i cut it and I styled it and i did the color and yea so its $260, AND SHE LAUGHED. I was literally shocked and handed over my card not knowing what to do. LIke i thought I need to friggin call the police! Something! My daughter had to be at home to do homeschool by 6pm and we drove 1 hr 15 min! So I paid literally wanting to bawl, got to the car and my daughter started laughing. I was so self conscious I took my coat and pulled the hoodie over my head to so people driving in traffic didnt get side tracked by the awefullness of my hair! I had some girl make fun of me and say I had Fraggle rock head. I had my husband say ” I hope you didn’t pay for that granny gray color, it is NOT good for you honey!” bless his soul I wanted to slap the life out of him. I cried, and cried in the bathroom. I got home and I messaged her, I can show proof here if needed. She took forever to respond. In a nutshell, I told her “thanks for your time, but I was unhappy about having to pay 260 for a hair color that I never wanted, or asked for. That there is not a single hue of pink its purple, and i had asked you multiple times and you told me no everytime. I told you about my horror experience at Walmart, and now I am walking around with this purple hair that is horrific, its blotchy, its just not good at all, I love the cut ( SHE CHARGED ME LIKE 50$ TO TRIM 2 INCHES OFF MY HAIR! NO LAYERS NOTHING JUST A STRAIGHT TRIM!) but i wanted to add SOMETHING POSITIVE so she didn’t feel attacked, or upset with me. I continued to tell her that I am walking around with hair I never even wanted. Her response very much later “I’m sorry you are unhappy with the color, I will do it over asap” My first thought is….it has NOTHING to do with being unhappy with my color, YOU did what YOU wanted and continually told me it was not purple for 6 hours. But I stated ok when can you get me in, she said she was moving clients around for the next day (today) and she will let me know. Well my dog had a vet appt for a hernia and has surgery so I told her I cannot make that drive until after that and will be able to show up around 6:30pm. No response from her. I called about 4 different salons, explained the story ALL of them stated YOU PAID 260?????? I felt so ashamed. I felt like I was bamboozled. They all quoted me $100-$130 max to fix it and do what I wanted. I decided on a salon and that stylist said “she needs to refund your money. that is unprofessional and very bad work ethic.” I agreed. BUT instead of demanding a refund and disputing it with my bank, I messaged her and said “I found a salon closer to my home they will do the correction for $130, will you refund me that much at least and I will give you that salon name stylist etc so you know I am getting it, or you could pay them?” she said “no its against my policy” NOWHERE was her policy posted. At this point I wanted to start from A to Z and tell her why I wasnt driving that FAR again to have her ruin my head! But I didnt! Out of respect. She then said she was willing to bring her child to the salon so she could fix it. Now i felt bad AGAIN thinking awe some poor child is going to be going nuts sitting through this. Also she would be distracting her from my horrific granny purple fraggle rock head. So I told her ok Monday at 11:30am. Which I am forced to find someone to cover for me at work, and I have to wear a wig today and tomorrow so I can be at work! Remember I said to her and mentioned earlier we cannot have colorful wild hair….this is beyond unprofessional and wild. I truly wish I could show some pictures on here. I feel sick to my stomach, I cried so much my eyes hurt still. They are so puffy. I saved up for 3 months to get my hair professionally done after a bit over a year of not having anything done to it after the “walmart episode” So here I am anxious for MONDAY. SICK to my stomach. Sad hurt and feel like I was taken advantage of and I was not treated as a PAYING client, but a random who wanted a color she didnt feel like doing. I drove from far into Kankakee Illinois all the way to Burr ridge Illinois. Blew through toll roads, risked driving with the psycho drivers there and back, and am doing it again in a day I guess. Seeing this story I felt your pain. I felt your hassle. And I am just so outdone right now.
Fraggle rock, granny gray Dianna

Reply to Dianna

I hear and feel all of your pain here. I decided after much deliberation to spend the $200 + to get phoenix hair. I’ve never spent more than $20-$50 at a salon and usually dye my hair myself at home with an $8 box of color from WalMart so this was a big step for me! I called around to all of the salons in my area and started out by asking “Do you do galaxy hair” because if you can’t do galaxy hair, you can’t do phoenix hair. I narrowed down the list to only those who had stylists who specialized in galaxy hair and then got estimates and scheduled an appointment.

I arrived with a Guy Tang video of what I wanted and showed it to the stylist, she said “No problem”. She started applying bleach to only the bottom half of my hair and then starts telling me ‘we’re not going to be able to get the dramatic wow look that you’re wanting from that video but we’re going to get something really similar’. No wait, wait, wait. I want the dramatic wow look. I didn’t come in here for ‘something similar’ I came in here for ‘dramatic wow’. I tell her as much and she starts to downplay her earlier comment, insisting that going that drastic in one session will destroy my hair so I have to do it in baby steps.

Now, if a stylist really is making a recommendation that is best for my hair, fine. I can respect that. I had a stylist refuse to do a perm on my hair once because I’d recently bleached it and she said the perm solution would most likely melt it. She told me this BEFORE I sat in her chair and I respected her for it. If this woman truly believed that the dramatic wow look would destroy my hair and I would need multiple sessions to get what I wanted safely, she should have told me that BEFORE putting BLEACH on my red hair. If she had, I would have given up on phoenix hair and left the salon a perfectly happy redhead.

But now I’m half orange so I have no choice but to sit it out and hope it looks at least cool when she’s done even if not dramatic wow. She comes out of the color room with two things of color. Again, I comment. This isn’t right. The guy in the video had at least four colors. There was a dark plumb, a bright fire engine red, an orange, and a yellow. This woman had what looked like the exact same color that my hair already was to begin with in one bowl and blond color in the other. Again she assures me that because she only bleached the bottom half of my hair, the red color will take like a dark plumb up top and then gradually become yellow at the bottom. Well that’s ombre. I didn’t ask for ombre hair I asked for galaxy hair but with reds and oranges and yellows instead of blues and greens and purples. She’s insistent that she knows what she’d doing.

She proceeds to get dye EVERYWHERE! All over my forehead, streaks of it down both sides of my face, in my ears, you name it. She gets some of the dye cleaner and starts dabbing at my ears while the color is processing but she doesn’t bother with my forehead or face at all. She shampoos me, turns the chair so I can’t see in the mirror and starts the blow out.

Finally she turns me to face the mirror and I see no difference. My hair is EXACTLY the same color as it was when I went in. EXACTLY! Then she grabs the back of my hair, parts it and flips it over my shoulders like it’s some kind of big dramatic reveal and I see that the ends are 3 shades lighter than the rest of my hair. I basically look like someone who started dying my hair at the roots and ran out of color 2/3 of the way down. I told her I didn’t like it and she proceeded to tell me I was wrong, it looked great, it looked exactly like the video (not even on the same PLANET as the video) and the whole time I’m complaining she’s fluffing my hair and flipping my hair around and gathering it and twisting it into a tight rope and yanking the rope over my shoulder like she can abuse my head into shutting up and saying I love the hair. I wanted to leap out of the chair and scream STOP TOUCHING ME! She then proceeds to charge me full price and my husband tips her, much to my chagrin. We get outside and he says “it looks the same”.

HA! So it’s not my imagination! I go next door the Sally Beauty supply, show them the video and all three of the women who work there look at my hair and make these faces of just utter confusion and empathy. They then proceed to offer me a number to contact the salon’s manager (which they just so happened to have due to being literal neighbors) and some deep moisture treatments to help my hair recover from the bleach so that it will survive a second attempt at phoenix hair but they advise me to call the store’s manager first before spending the money to try to fix my hair myself at home.

I call the manager and she schedules me for this coming Monday to fix it. I get off the phone with her and look at my phone … there’s red dye all over the ear piece of my phone. I grab a napkin from the glove box and start wiping my ears. Globs of red dye still inside my ears and behind my ears that the stylist never washed away, dye stains all over my forehead, streaks of dye down both sides of my face and neck. My husband dyes my hair at home and doesn’t leave dye stains on my face and neck or dye inside my ears and he’s not a professional stylist alleging to specialize in dye work! He’s just a maintenance coordinator who used to color his mom’s hair when he was a kid!

So the manager sends me a text because she wants me to send her the video of what I wanted. I send it, along with photos of the dye stains and the dye inside my ears. I figure as a salon manager she should know what kind of sloppy work is going on in her salon. She texts back ‘that’s normal with dye, I always have dye everywhere when I get done’ and sends me a picture of her fingers all purple and of the back of a client’s neck with a big purple dye stain running down from her hairline into her shirt.

THAT’S NOT NORMAL! That is the mark of an absolutely HORRIBLE salon. No woman should EVER leave a salon with dye stains all over her face/neck and dye still on her skin, let alone inside her ears. I don’t even get dye in my own ears when I color it myself! Since the manager clearly doesn’t care and since I paid full price for my hair I will be letting her ‘fix’ my hair (hopefully she doesn’t just make it worse) and then I will still be posting a very bad review with photos of the dye stains AND a screenshot of her response and the picture she sent me. No one should ever go to that salon to get their hair dyed. Not ever.


I just recently am having the same issue as you posted. I have a hairstylist that I have been using for over a year. I pay $140 for highlights and a trim from her. Well, I recently lost a ton of weight and as a treat to myself, I thought I’d get some fresh highlights (I had virgin hair that had not been dyed in close to a year, but cut regularly by her to keep the split ends at bay). I also wanted to get a really long bob cut. My hair was super long to the middle of my back, all one length. So she highlighted my hair and her daughter was there at her salon playing, we had to keep stopping to make sure she was ok cause she was playing out the door and on the step outside. She is only 3 years old. Why a salon owner would even bring her child around their customer clients is beyond me in the first place? I thought it was rude that she had to stop every 10 mins to attend to her while trying to highlight my hair. After 15/20 mins of doing the last foil, she checks it and says oh! Time to rinse. I even said, no way, that was too soon? My hair was medium brown! I wanted milky soft Ash blond highlights and inorder to get that time, she needed to leave them on at least 35-40 mins! I know how the whole hair process works because one of my best friends used to do hair. (She’s since moved on to nursing school and doesn’t style anymore). So I trusted her judgment because I’ve never had an issue with her doing my hair. She actually knows what I like so I assumed everything was ok. Then she cut my hair. As I said before, I wanted a really long bob right below my shoulders. My hair looks like it was cut with a razor and in steps. There’s no definition or bob. Short in the front, long in the back. I asked her what she did and she said oh this is what you showed me in your inspiration photo? Um, are you fracking blind? Nope this isn’t what I asked for? So she said she will look at it again once she dries it to see. Once my hair was dry, I said to her, my blondes are brassy and very yellow. I said my hair wasn’t processed long enough. She said, no, idk why your hair is pulling the gold? I do, you didn’t process it long enough! She then straightened it and then curled it like she was trying to “hide” her mistakes. I thought the curls looked nice but I was VERY disappointed with the highlights and my once gorgeous medium/dark brown hair was all an orange color. So I sat in my hair for a week and after having friends and family ask what I did to my hair, I had enough of it and texted her to tell her I was NOT happy with it. She asked me to come in. I came in and told her that she needed to put my low lights back in and rehighlight my hair so I have the ashy blond strands. She said she wanted to put more toner on it. I literally eye rolled in my head cause I was just beyond disgusted. After she washed it out, it still wasn’t right. That’s when she told me, I needed to pay her an additional $140 to come back for a 2nd session. WTF?!!!!! Now I get that sometimes in rare occasions, it can take 2 sessions to get a color right, but in this case, she didn’t even do my hair right?! Why should I have to pay for her to fck up my hair some more?

I told her I needed to think about it before making an executive decision to process it again. She got quiet. So I waited 3 days and I messaged her, told her I was not happy and I felt she didn’t do her best on my hair. That I felt my hair wasn’t processed long enough and all the time I had been using her I’ve never had a complaint and this was unacceptable. She came back with some horse crap that she’s sorry that I’m not happy but I have to pay to have it fixed. I swallowed the loss and gave her a few bad reviews online and pretty much ruined her new salon. I just found out earlier today that she was fired from her previous salon for theft. She owes the other salon over 4k. So I’m sure I was the fool that’s helping her pay back her debt. I have an appt next week with a new stylist but I’m very upset that I’m stuck walking around with orange brassy hair and I got taken for a lot of money. I’m not even sure if this is a scam but I’m pretty sure this is happening more times than most. I’m very discouraged at trusting stylists. I just want to have ONE who I never have to worry about. 😞😩😭

Reply to Maria

Oh I forgot to add, my highlights were also uneven, wide at top and skinny at bottom. She did a horrible job. Her suggestion for the brassy gold tones and orange tones was to use a purple shampoo. Yeah use a purple toner on some highlights underneath that were platinum? No thanks. I’ll update after I have it fixed next weds.

Reply to Maria

There are lots of narcissists in the hair stylist industry. This story (the original one at the top of the page) is the perfect example of a Narcissist hair stylist. Narcissists like to cause emotional/psychological pain on select targets (not everyone lest they blow their cover). Narcissists also “collect” worshipers or flying monkeys as a I call them (which are the ones who sent you all the nasty emails and wrote the fake reviews on behalf of their idol, the Narcissist hair dresser). These people are everywhere today, in every profession and they are petty, (like grade school or high school mentality) and EVIL. I know “evil” is a strong word but after you’ve tangled with as many of these corrupt robots (they are all the same) as I have, you would come to no other conclusion. They FEED off your pain, distress, anger and misery. They literally get off on it. They also wear a mask of self-righteousness but they are 100% fake.

Reply to Lynn

Wow ! I applaud you for standing up for your self. I can’t believe they were taunting you about YOUR money. Even if it was 5$. The audacity! I had pink hair for awhile and finally gave up before I really had no hair left.
One time I went for a color correction at a fancy Beverly Hills salon by recommendation. I needed to lighten parts of my hair so my pink would come out brighter and left with hair darker-Over toned blonde. “The toner took to much but it will fade in time” *cough cough came here for a color correction* Small chunks fell out of the towel after the bowl. I should have gave up after that but my boyfriend loooved pink hair.

I honestly like your hair best the solid purple color ! With gloves you could definitely apply the purple color at home and save your self money. Funky colors don’t use developer so it’s fail proof.

Your article and all of these comments! Just wow, validating there is so many hair stylist with inflated heads.

Reply to Alexandra

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