Why use Internet Explorer?

September 5th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

Really out of curiousity, why DO people continue to use IE even after all the facts that IE is an unsafe browser, doesn’t use standard code, permits malicious coding to be deposited onto your computer, ALLOWS pages to render with incorrect coding, etc.

Let me try to explain another reason to switch from a design/coding standpoint.

IE permits/promotes invalid coding
IE only CSS tags which will NOT validate
IE will allow broken tags, missing tags and still render the webpage
Along those lines that is why in almost every other browser people will go “ew” because “well it works in IE!” is the mantra.

Any other browser (I prefer FireFox) will actually FORCE you (to have the page render properly) to CODE properly. No more <HTM?> tags which will work in IE. In any other browser it would be <html> (oh yes, lowercase! That is standard coding!)

Every day people are creating websites, coding their designs. I would say the MAJORITY of these new users have just awful coding. Incorrect CSS, incorrect html / xhtml and I do feel it is partly to blame on a crappy browser that will still render the code. I feel like people are being cheated out of LEARNING because they will continue to code improperly.

Now, this isn’t to tell you “my browser is better than yours” I am wanting to know quite simply after knowing that IE is not secure, IE permits spammers to use IE users to relay spam and host spamsites.

Now, I understand a lot of people don’t care. I understand people get “stuck” with IE by using AOL ‘n such. I even understand a lot of people simply don’t know they have a choice.

Some more articles/entries on why other people switch and/or advise switching

Now, there is no such thing as a perfect browser. There are safer options. Better options. More secure options.

What I want to know is, why do you continue to use IE after knowing about it’s vunerabilities and issues?

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I must say I agree completely! I also use FireFox and it took me some getting used to :-) I had to learn how to code properly—and was very thankful too since I had been wanting to make my websites compatible with all browsers for a long time!

I also must say that this is one of the most beautiful and well-coded sites I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m glad to see that other people out there now how to make “non-cookie-cutter” designs!

I have linked your site on my links page; I would love if you would check out mine in return :-) Thanks.


i didn’t know.

Reply to mary

two reasons:
1 I’m too lazy to find another browser – will probably go with Firefox however.
2 I’m STILL waitting for DH to reformate this computer and am afraid that a new program might just cripple it for life. :)

Reply to Bec

Urgh, I can’t stand IE any more.  I even hate coding for it though I make sure my code works in it …

I can’t understand it when some major corporation and banks don’t code their websites properly for any other browser other than IE – which is why I still use IE at times.

It’s ridiculous :)

Reply to Skye

I switched from IE to Firefox when I found out that the horrible virus I had that literally took weeks of work to remove was triggered by a security hole in IE that Firefox and a few others didn’t have.

Reply to Amber

Why do people keep using IE even after knowing about its vulnerabilities and issues:

Why do people still vote for Bush?

It’s like one of the ‘Apple Jacks’ commercials: They just do. :p

Reply to dan

Yeah, I used to use IE and then right when I found out about the security issues, I switched to Firefox. At first, I hesitated a little because I was like “I don’t need anything else, IE is just fine” but as soon as I switched, I wondered why I had waited so long.

Reply to Jen

I tend to switch between Safari and Firefox. I will only use IE if absolutely necessary. It’s a miserable excuse for a browser, and if only bloody Windows didn’t come standard with it, people might be interested in switching.

Also, many people just don’t know enough about computers to even know why they shouldn’t use it; all the meanwhile it’s doing crazy things to their computer. A sad circle. :\

Reply to Kristin

Honestly, I stay with IE because I’m afraid to put anything else on my computer. I’ve had sooo many problems with viruses etc…I worry that I’ll end up downloading a crappy browser that will just make my computer more screwy than it already is. There have been at least a few times when I downloaded a program that I thought was legit, and it ended up being stuffed with spyware etc. Anyways, these probably arent good reasons, but there they are. :)

Reply to Kestrel

Well, I am one of those stuck with IE/AOL for now. At least until my family moves out of state. Changing the internet stuff seems pointless right now.Maybe after I get moved and have a new internet provider. I will get Firefox, etc.

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