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You have some beautiful photography. I like that you seem to be interested in (nature) photography in it’s natural elements.

Thank you, that’s so kind of you! I really do mainly focus on nature and nature macro (close up) photography. It just speaks to me (my Pagan nature maybe lol).

I love this!

Thank you!

Whoa, I really really love this shot.

Thank you so much

Amanda Jillian

Beautiful Sarah! Great shot =]

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Thank you, I appreciate it!

It makes me feel as if we’re in late summer… not in this insane 40 degree weather in June! :)

This time last year it was what… high 90’s even a few 100 degree days! SUCH a change this year.


How did I miss this? This is beautiful! I’m going to have to go back and see what else I missed

Reply to LASHAWN

Thank you so much!!

kristen @ glambunctious

This is incredible. Frame-worthy. I want it blown up into poster size! This would sell like hot cakes at!

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

Thank you so much! I might print it and hang it somewhere… but I say that about my photos all the time and rarely do it lol!

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