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Doing the Witches Weekly!!

1. What is your favorite herb, it’s use, and why?
Lavender lol and so many things!! For one it’s relaxing lol you can cook with it, toss it into a tub, make a tea from it… anything really. I love it because of the color, scent, and the relaxing properties.

2. What was the first herbal concoction that you ever made?
Hmm… I think it was for a bath, mixing all the herbs into some cheese cloth then tossing it into the tub. I think it was a healing bath for a cold.

3. What is your favorite flowery/herbal scent? (I.E. Roses, Patchouli)
Violet, Lavender

posted on September 4th 2003 at 11:35AM CDT

I love the layout. Looks great You also have some really good content here. Drop me a line some time

posted on September 5th 2003 at 11:49AM CDT

There’s a Witches Weekly?  Who knew!  That’s some pretty interesting stuff.  I’ll be back to read more another time.  Also, Wisdom looks like a pretty good message forum.  I’m going to look into it and think about joining!

posted on September 5th 2003 at 7:11PM CDT

Cool site…I’ve never heard of Witches’ Weekly before. Oh well! Way to go…XOX—Brit

posted on September 6th 2003 at 12:55PM CDT

I’ve never heard of Witches’ Weekly either; but it looks like a pretty cool blog filler; Lavendar smells awesome =D

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