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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

I’ve been really introspective tonight, doing the not so good dwelling on my past. I’ve led an interesting and dramatic filled life for 25 years. Not to mention being a single mother to an almost five year old. It blows my mind. I think I’ve trapped myself the last couple of years. 2003 was a year of transformation for me but since mid-2004 I’ve been doing the exact thing every single day without trying to progress in my life. Can anyone relate to this?

So I’ve been pondering what other tutorials (expression engine, css, or other!) I can add, any suggestions?

I’ve joined a bunch of random social bookmarking sites today and made it so you can simply add my entries to those sites (as you see under the title) and I re-joined Technorati so good times. I also added live comment preview on the comments page. So let me know what you think of all the wee little tidbits I’ve been doing!

Tomorrow I am going to the library, any suggestions for fiction or non-fiction books I should pick up?

It is so very difficult to find a decent digital video camera for under $80! I’ve been wanting one for awhile because my old camera had a video function so I used it alot for Danny videos. I miss that.

My son is rocking out to “Queen – We Will Rock You” right now.

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posted on October 18th 2006 at 11:56PM CDT

What do you read? What do you like to read? I’m afraid at the mo, most of what I’d recommend is dark sci-fi and horror…

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posted on October 19th 2006 at 12:10PM CDT

Dan Brown books are awesome. Especially Angels and Demons.