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Red Lotus Mama

So cold, but so gorgeous!

Reply to Red Lotus Mama

Oh my goodness! That first photograph is just EXQUISITE!
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yes. I agree that first shot is prICEless.
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So beautiful!!
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Kat @ For the Love of Chaos

That is GORGEOUS!!! :) Love both of them… thanks for sharing!

Reply to Kat @ For the Love of Chaos

Amazing those could be filmed They are utterly exquisite!

Love that first shot. Very cool!!

Julia @ Easy Eco To Go

Amazing photos! The top one is just incredible!

Reply to Julia @ Easy Eco To Go

Very lovely pictures! Great for a Christmas postcard. The second photo looks so cold yet it captivates me.

Happy WW and Merry Christmas!


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Reply to Arlene it.
Happy WW
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So beautiful. Happy WW!
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Reply to OneDay

I love them! Really gorgeous photos! They look very professional!

Check out my first WW entry after so many months of hibernation. :)

Happy WW!
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Reply to MommyOnTop

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I was thrilled when it finally started to snow with those big fluffy flakes, the best kind to get those individual flake photos. Hopefully (since it’s going to snow on and off all week) I get the opportunity to shoot some more!

Absolutely exquisite! I love the macro of the snow flakes. It invokes that deep, dark winter night feeling. You’re such an incredibly talented and unique photographer!
.-= {shared blog entry – Winter Once More} =-.


So pretty!
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Reply to Damita

I love the second one. It’s awesome.
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Reply to Amanda

Beautiful winter pictures! Happy WW! Happy Christmas!
Greetings from Germany + Romanian :-)
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those are beautiful photos. :D
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Reply to Jenny

Thank you so much for the sweet comments! It’s snowing really hardcore right now so hopefully I can get some flake shots today as well to share in a future WW or entry.


Those pictures are crazy cool.
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Reply to TheFeministBreeder

What awesome pics!!! Beautifully done!


Really beautiful photos! I wish I had talent like that!
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Teresa (Chrissy)

Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! I really should begin doing this meme as well. I’m so lax in my photos lately, I need to get back to taking some.

Reply to Teresa (Chrissy)

I really appreciate all of your kind comments! I had high hopes when it was snowing earlier, sadly it was more like crystals rather than actual soft puffy snow.

The first shot is simply stunning. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas with peace, joy and harmony.
.-= {shared blog entry – (Christmas Time) Imagine by John Lennon} =-.


Wow, nice job on the snowflake photo… clearly a FAKE… ok, maybe not, just jealous of your photo skills, CSS skills, numchuck skills…

Seriously, do you use a super-macro lens for that? a microscope, perhaps?! I could never get those results. Very awesome picture.

Reply to Tom

@BK, thank you so much!

@Tom, LOL thanks for that! I use a regular macro lens, the Sigma 105mm Macro to be specific. The trick is to get super close, think happy thoughts, and hold your breath. Having a bigger snowflake can help but all we’re getting lately is tiny flakes, driving me nuts!


Oh my gosh that is absolutely beautiful!

Reply to Caity

Thank you Caity!

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