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Michelle Potter

He’s so cute! I love the drool. :)

Reply to Michelle Potter

I remember that cute little face. Isn’t it amazing how different they can look in different postures. My granddaughter is like that too. So cute you are very fortunate.

Red Lotus Mama

I just love the drool and double chin … so yummy!

Reply to Red Lotus Mama

Wow, it’s crazy how he looks exactly like both of you. So freaking adorable. I want to meet him so I can give him a squeeze. He’s making my ovaries ache!

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Picture perfect! Soooo cute!


Precious eyes!
Happy WW!

Reply to Kasandria

Thank you all so much! I can not believe he is already 4months old, freaking insane! Just like his big brother, he is all about the drool lol. It’s a never ending faucet of moisture!

Prince charming – no doubt

Just too adorable. And you’ll never have to worry about a drought!


He is SO cute!

Reply to Danielle

enjoy the smiles and character — happy Wordless Wednesday!


Reply to jeff.

Like TFB up there, I was thinking how crazy (and weird : P) it is that he looks exactly like two different people who don’t look alike! : ) My son had like, two weeks where he looked like me *nostalgia* *sigh*. He looks so super cool in the last picture- like he needs to have his thumb up or something.

Boys are pretty freakin’ awesome. I’d like a girl someday too, but I’m realllly looking forward to my little momma’s boy running around here!

Reply to Echo

Gorgeous. He looks SO much like his brother it’s insane! And so much like you.. obviously, lol. Happy WW

The Muse

Delighted to find your blog during Wordless Wednesday :)

How absolutely cute..!
Oh, I bet there is plenty of love at your house :)

Reply to The Muse

He’s always smiling. That’s awesome! Ethan likes to make faces when I point the camera at him. I can usually get OK shots using my phone because it’s smaller and allows me to be sneaky. But as soon as Jack comes out, the boy makes faces like you wouldn’t believe. *sigh*

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

What a fabulous smile! He’s such a charmer.

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Sooooo cute!!!!

Aww thank you all so much! I still think he took after Keith, I need to scan in some of his baby photos so y’all can see!


Baby has the most gorgeous eyes.. ever. <3

Reply to Keeshia

Thanks to I’ve become addicted to your blog! I’ve found myself spending a majority of my free time catching up and reading all your previous entries!!

I’m looking into buying a new camera and I absolutely love your pictures!! I understand you use a Nikon D50 but was wondering which lens you usually use to take pictures of the kids? Which lens do you find yourself using the most? And lastly which lens do you use to take pictures of the food?

I’m looking into spending some of my tax money to get a camera that I love but don’t want to go too crazy! Thanks for any advice your can give!

Reply to Kara

Yay! I have both the Nikon D50 and D90 (the D90 I’ve had for about a month now). I use my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 the majority of the time for EVERYTHING because I can shoot wide open, it’s also VERY affordable. My 2nd most used lens would be my Sigma 105mm Macro.

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