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What a wonderful series of photos… Than you so much for sharing them!!

Mines up as well at AussiePomm – A night at Harry’s!!!!

Have a great day!!



So beautiful! The picture with all the sticks piled up is my favorite.

Reply to Amanda

Thank you! That was such a random find at the forest preserve. I wonder who made it!

Beautiful lane through the bower of trees, love the stick hut!

Thank you!!

Cafe au lait

Wonderful pics! Happy WW and happy Halloween!

Reply to Cafe au lait

Thank you :)

Wow! A new blog design. Lovely, lovely fall shots. They just glow.

Thank you so much!

I too love the stick fort! But the first one is wonderful. I have a fetish for pathways that look like tunnels through trees, lol… as you can probably tell from my most recent photo post, haha. Love the framing and the colours. I love the last one too for the total colour saturation in the photo. It feels really cozy, and I love the definition in the red leaves in front of the yellow. Beautiful as per usual!

Thank you! That fort was a weird yet awesome find. Much like the wasps nest lol!

Your shades of gold are beautiful.

Thank you!

Thank you so much Kristy!


Wow Sarah these are incredible. You should make a little autumn coffee table book.

Reply to Veronica

LOL! Thank you!

Amanda Jillian

Love it, love love love <3

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I hope you don’t mind, but I used the first photo for my phone background. Its just so beautiful! :)

Felt the need for a quick work break and thought I’d look at one of your photo posts. I don’t think I saw this one when you first posted it. The photos are gorgeous. I especially love the first and last ones… so relaxing to look at that first one and think about walking under the trees. (Much better than sitting at the desk trying to work on a gloomy winter day!)

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