WordlessWednesday: Hair Fluffs

May 15th 2012 / 1 minute to read

Ah my 2 1/2 year old son, with his Robert Plant-esque blonde curls…

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Album Art for I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

George Michael & Aretha Franklin

I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

Album Art for Sexy

Shawn Desman


Time for a haircut young man! Lol

Naa, not until he wants one! I don’t think my oldest got his first haircut until he was almost 4. I just trim bangs every 4-6 months or so!

Oh my gosh, he’s gorgeous!! I would kill for hair like that, and you know he’s never going to appreciate it.

I KNOW RIGHT!!!! Not to mention the COLOR alone! Geez!


Adorable! My oldest son is 9 with pin straight hair and my 1 year old’s hair is full of curls just like your little guys. Happy WW!

Reply to Tricia

Yep! My oldest is 10 and he had the barest slight curl when it got super duper long but that was it, it’s just straight. My little one? Well you can see the abundance LOL!

Oh. my. goodness! I’d never cut those locks. He’s a doll! Wish I could have such great natural curl. lol

LOL! I know right! My hair used to be that curly up until… I had him actually! Now it’s merely wavy lol.


Heart. Breaker. He is just the cutest thing ever.

{totally random question, but which twitter id box are we supposed to use? there is one by the name and the blue one below the commentluv box}

Reply to Amy

Thank you!

Oh thank you! I upgraded and forgot to adjust the settings! The blue box is now gone like it should be LOL. I like to do everything manual yo!


I always feel like a jerk pointing things out, but I figured you wouldn’t mind.

Reply to Amy

OMG I totally don’t mind! Anything not right, broken, confusing, I want to know about it!

Oh goodness. Those curls. The bubbles. The curls and the bubbles. You’re killing me with the cuteness, Sarah.

LOL thank you!

Absolutely LOVE the capture of the hair! The one with bubbles is wonderful!

Thank you so much!


:’) So precious.

Reply to Sewwy

Thank you!

Those curls are adorable!

Thank you!!

He’s just gorgeous! I would never ever be able to bring myself to cut that hair! It would break my heart! haha! LOVE the third shot with the bubbles! And the fourth one is my favourite. It’s beautiful!

Oh I can’t touch it! I do the bang area every few months when he starts getting frustrated with them. I also deep condition his hair lol!

those CURLS!!! OMG they are just too precious!! Do NOT cut them….my nephew and Grandson both had them at that age and once they were cut…ugh no more because they became “big” boys and got big boy haircuts from then on!! Keep them as long as he’ll let you…they grow up too fast as it is!! :)

LOL!!! I won’t cut them! He’s my baby Robert Plant lol!


So adorable! If we hadn’t gotten Claire a few trims in the last 2.5 years I know this is what her hair would look like, but I’m lazy and caring for curls can be a pain so we keep her hair trimmed.

Reply to Cori

I have to deep condition and use leave-in conditioner for his hair when we wash it. Otherwise it gets matted REALLY easily. I always had curly hair up until I became pregnant with him actually so I can work with it lol. It’s so fluffy!

Wow 2/12 years old already? I swear you just had him yesterday. Crazy how quickly time passes.

Ethan’s hair was long for a few years too. We didn’t want to cut it. He looked so cute with his long hair. It did irk me how everyone called him a her though. I guess his super long lashes didn’t help matters lol.

I KNOW! Yesterday we were discussing our boys being toddlers and now I have another toddler LOL! We’ve gotten a few “what a pretty girl!” comments, just shows how people associate hair length with gender!


All I saw was the thumbnail on facebook and I died.

I had hair a lot like that when I was about that age. Everyone would ask my mom and grandma if I had a perm. lol!

Reply to Adelyn

I get such a kick out of it! I know he got the curls from me but then add in the strawberry blonde color? *dies*


Yeah, my hair was a very dark auburn. Pic

Yeah, I can safely assume that my kids will end up with the ‘fro.

Reply to Adelyn

TOTALLY cracking up. Your kids will have those curls for sure!!


Oh yeah, I may not be sure about some things, but this is one thing for sure I know of. lol

Reply to Adelyn
Beth F

Awwwww what a fantastic subject and a sweet model.

Reply to Beth F

Thank you so much Beth!

So super cute!!! <3

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