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with so many pics of snow on WW this week (including my own) a little heat is nice. those are very good.

Thank you! I have a few snow photos from the blizzard but overall, I don’t need photos to show me what’s out my window/door LOL!

Comedy Plus

Beautiful captures too. I’d like to be in front of that right now. I’m cold.

Have a terrific WW. :)

Reply to Comedy Plus

Thank you! I think we need more wood though because we went through a lot of our reserves.


Very nice. Moody!

Reply to Lynda

Thank you!


Oh, do you really have a REAL fireplace for a REAL fire? I can’t even imagine being that person. I would have to be really grown up, or something, wouldn’t I?

Lovely photos, as always!

Reply to Rachael

LOL!! We have a fireplace with a cast iron stove in it. My husband’s father built this house. It’s neat because you don’t LOSE heat like you do with a typical fireplace and it’s something that you can cook on!


That looks amazing. I want a fireplace. It’s freezing in my house tonight lol

Btw, I love your blog and your tattoos are great!

Happy WW!

Reply to Ashlee


See now I want to go and find a fire to sit in front of!

It’s super nice, I was surprised at how much heat it generated actually, since it’s a cast iron stove rather than a typical fireplace!

great ‘hot’ shots! Youve got some amazing photos on your blog x

Thank you so much!

Beth F

Good to see some warmth this week. Nice job — the colors and sense of movement are great.

Reply to Beth F

Thank you so much Beth!


Great WW Post!! I can just feel the warmth… you should pass by post today.. it appears great minds do in fact think alike.

Happy WW!!!


Reply to Li

Thank you :)



Reply to Amy

Thank you Amy!


now that’s HOT, although not quite as hot at the wrist tattoos from your last post. I especially like the “survive” tat. i’ve always thought about my own tattoos as a story about my life. it seems yours are as well. <3 keep surviving!

Reply to elva

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!

Ooooh! I feel nice and toasty now, thanks to you. :) Awesome shots! These can be difficult to nail.

Thank you! I shot them fairly quickly, I was so paranoid having my camera so close to that much heat lol.

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