Workin like crazy!

September 6th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

I work like mad crazy lol. I will not have a day off until Thursday. I came in an hour early yesterday and left an hour late. I am going in two hours early today. Saturday I am on call but they said I could make it firm and I probably will.

I had my break (some good soup!) with my sister and a friend yesterday. Very amusing and cool. I bought some panties since it is sophie’s closet right now. Today there is some jewelry I want. Yay for employee discounts!

I worked more on Pick-Me today. Tonight I hope to get all the fanlistings updated. I did a new layout for OSN but it is very simplistic. Would anyone like to preview it for me, and tell me what they think of it? I would appreciate it!

Wow… my birthday is coming up in about 5 weeks. I will be 22. Freaky seriously. My sister and I are hoping to visit our mother on our birthday, she would actually get to meet my son then heh. So we are hoping to do that. If not we still plan to do SOMETHING just us for our birthday.

I am looking for hostees.

Since my sister is off of work Monday, I am hoping she can be the one to take me to the bank to deposit my checks and then take me to work afterwards. I am probably going to add my work schedule somewhere on OSN lol.

Ok that is it for now, I need to go take a fast shower and find something decent to wear!

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Good for you.  It’s renewing to have that independence isn’t it!  Just don’t wear yourself out and forget your spirit!  Go Sarah!

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Just wanted to say thanks :)

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